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Community Relations

Community Liaison

The Student Experience Office works to create a safe secure environment for UCC students and ensure that a harmonious relationship is maintained between students and the wider community.  We respond to complaints from residents and seek to encourage responsible behaviour among all our students.  Please find the link to the CW Complaint Form 2017 which must be returned to 


Set in an older residential area of the city, students need to be aware that they are often living next to older residents who have very different lifestyles.  Consideration in respect of noise levels, particularly at night, is important in insuring good neighbourhood relations.

Being a good neighbour

We encourage our students to be aware of their neighbours and to keep a careful eye out for older people living along who may be in need of help or assistance from time to time.  Report any suspicious movement or intruders immediately to your local Garda Station, just as you would like neighbours to keep an eye out for your grandparents.

Be Prepared

Keep the number of your local Garda Station, emergency services, fire brigade etc. clearly visible near the phone.

Student Discipline

Close contact is maintained with local community groups, residents associations and community Gardai.  With over 9,000 students living in rented accommodation, the level of complaints from residents in regard to student behaviour is thankfully low.  If complaints are made, action is taken immediately and if necessary the complaint is forwarded to our student disciplinary committee which, under the Student Rules, has the ability to evoke formal disciplinary procedures.  However, we are pleased that this, while very serious for the students involved, is seldom necessary.