Student Policies

Student Policies and Procedures

There are a number of important policies and procedures with which Students should be familiar. See the below for information on each one.

Student Charter

The University College Cork Student Charter is issued jointly by the University and the University College Cork Students Union. It makes explicit some of the reciprocal responsibilities which members of the University, both staff and students, have to each other.

Download the Student Charter

(last updated Feb. 2009)

Student Rules

The following document outlines the Rules of the University. These Rules describe the standards of conduct expected from UCC students as well as the disciplinary and appeal procedures applicable to breaches of these rules.

Download the Student Rules (updated 19 January 2018) 


Student Mental Health Policy

The Student Mental Health policy has been developed to help students fulfil their academic and personal potential and thrive in a supportive and caring environment as well as seeking to ensure that University administrative and disciplinary procedures are consistent with a positive approach to promoting mental well-being.

Download the full Student Mental Health Policy

Fitness to Practice Policy

As part of their University programme, some students are required to undertake placement and training that involve dealing directly with patients, clients or service users. Since it is of over-riding importance to protect members of the public from harm and to maintain the trust and confidence of the general public in the professions and the University, it is vital that students are deemed fit to practise while on placement. To describe an individual as ‘Fit to Practise’ in the context of certain professions is to say that he/she possesses the attributes considered necessary in an individual to allow on-going practice as an independent practitioner in the relevant profession.

A copy of the University Fitness to Practise Policy and Procedural Guidelines is available   here

Fitness to Continue in Study

See link for Fitness to Continue in Study Overview, Policy, Appendices and FAQs

Duty of Respect & Right to Dignity

University College Cork affirms the right of all staff and students to work and study in an environment free from harassment and bullying.

Download the Duty of Respect and Right to Dignity Policy

(February 2012)

Student Alcohol Policy

The revised Student Alcohol Policy was approved by Academic Council on 22 November 2013. 

Download the Student Alcohol Policy

Support for Pregnant Students

This document provides information to students and staff about the university’s approach to supporting a student who is pregnant.

Guiding Principle

The university will ensure to the greatest extent possible that any student who becomes pregnant will be accommodated to allow her complete her programme of study while maintaining academic standards. Throughout the course of the pregnancy every effort will be made to give feasible care and attention to her health and wellbeing.

Download Support for Pregnant Students

Procedure for Responding to Reports of Missing Students

The Procedure for Responding to Reports of Missing Students was developed from a number of cases/possible cases of a missing student.  The purpose of this Procedure is to provide a clear and straightforward guide for the procedures to be adopted in the event that it is suspected that a student may be missing.  This Procedure was approved by Academic Council in January 2016.

Download the full Procedure for Responding to Reports of Missing Students



Protocol for Responding to the Death of a Student

The death of a student is a serious and unsettling event for the whole of the University community.  It is important that the University reacts to such a sad event in a way that recognises the loss of one of its members and that supports those most affected by the death - family, students and staff.

Download the Protocol for Responding to the Death of a Student

Student Examinations Policies

Policies regarding Student Examinations (including Procedures in Examination Halls / Appeal Regulations and Application Form / Re-check Regulations and Application Form / Mitigation Regulations and Application Form / UCC Plagiarism Policy / Dictionary Use Permission Form / Deferral of Written Examinations Pregnant Students / Guide to Examinations for Students / Guide to Examinations for Staff) can be found on the following link

Plagiarism Policy

The plagiarism policy aims to inform undergraduate and postgraduate students about plagiarism.

Please read the full policy on the following page: UCC Plagiarism Policy

Code of Practice for Students with Disabilities

University College Cork is committed to a policy of equal opportunity and welcomes applications from students with disabilities. The University makes every effort, where possible, to facilitate access and participation of students with disabilities in all aspects of college life.

Download the full Code of Practice for Students with Disabilities

Disability Support Service Guidelines & Procedures

Policies regarding Clear Print Guidelines for Students with Dyslexia / Correcting the Work of a Student with a Specific Learning Difficulty / Declaration of Accurate Record Form / Dyslexia Screening Guidelines / Guide to Using an Electronic Reader in Exams / Notice of Supports Statement / Guidelines for Using a Scribe / Guidelines for Accessible PDF Documents for Vision Impaired Students / Guidelines for Accessible Word Documents for Vision Impaired Students / Guidelines for Accessible PowerPoint Presentations for Vision Impaired Students / Guidelines for Accessible Email Messages for Vision Impaired Students can be found on the following link

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