Resource and Supports

There are a wide variety of resources and services available to student athletes. The level of support and access to resources will depend on an individual club’s programme. Each club will advise it’s members on support available.

Academic resources

Many UCC Sport club competitive activities may clash with a student’s academic schedule in this case, when you are representing UCC at a competitive sporting event, you may request a ‘Sports Absence Note’. 

A Sport absence Note can be granted to Students that are representing UCC at a recognised sporting event. Sport Absence Notes will only be issued by DSPA prior to the event concerned. 

The purpose of this note is to provide confirmation to your course lecturer, tutors etc that you are representing the university at a sporting event. It is at the discretion of the student’s lecturer or tutor as to whether this is an acceptable reason for missing any academic work or classes.


Sports Injury

Injuries are part and parcel of the world of sport.  If, as a student, you are injured during a recognised UCC Sports club activity, then you must complete and return the Student Personal Injury Form within 7 days

As part of the application, you will need to provide a medical certificate completed by attending a doctor or dentist. Download the blank Medical Certificate form.  

All injury claims are handled directly by the UCC Office of Legal and Corporate affairs. Complete an application online. 

Strength and conditioning

Every student has access to the Mardyke Arena gym facilities. The Arena have professional and fully-qualified staff who are on hand at all times to offer support, encouragement, advice and motivation. Feel free to call in and speak with one of their fitness instructors who will advise you as to how best to use our facilities to suit your own particular fitness needs. 

If you're one of UCC's Performance Sports Student Athletes, you can access team strength and conditioning programmes via your club performance programme. 

Human Performance Lab (HPL)

Our HPL offers a range of services for individuals or teams, ranging from physical fitness assessments to life-check health screening. Find out more about our Human Performance Lab.

Student Support Services

It is important to be able to balance sporting activity with your academic commitments. UCC has a range of Student Services that can helpWhether you need help from the Skills Centre to manage your time, from the Student Budgetary Advisor to assist with budgeting for sporting and academic costs, or from the Career Services team to get recognised for your work with your club through the UCC Employability Award, a full list of student supports is available under the UCC Support Tree!

Explore some more of our Student Services below. 

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