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Introduction to Clubforce

UCC Sport are delighted to announce a partnership with Clubforce to provide our Clubs with access to a new membership registration system   The Clubforce Registration System Presentation will provide your club with the key information you need to create membership plans and use the system to collect detailed information on those who have signed up to be part of your club.   Students have been signing up for clubs using the C+S portal which provides you with their name and email address but little other information on who they are and their interest and background.

Clubforce will allow you to track members- ensure they have completed the necessary permissions and assign them to a team or group.

Where to Start

The starting point is to logon to the Clubforce system

Clubforce Logon

Each club will use its club email to logon to the system e.g.

You will need to create a password to use the system which will be sent your email account

Once you have logged you will be able to create different membership plan ie

    • Student Full Member
    • Associate Member
    • Coach
    • Alumni
    • Other

Training Videos

Trainng videos for using Clubforce with UCC Sports Clubs

1. Setting up Membership Plans

2. Editing a Form

3. Publishing a Plan

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