Welcome to UCC Trampoline club. We're based in the Mardyke Arena and welcome beginners to advanced.


UCC Trampoline & Tumbling Club is an extremely active and welcoming club. We practise Olympic-style trampolining as well as tumbling, both increasingly popular disciplines of gymnastics. The sport of trampolining is fun and easy to learn and becomes progressively more challenging and exciting as members gain experience and learn more difficult skills.

Trampolining involves performing acrobatic skills in the air and landing on the feet, front and back, with different combinations of rotations, twists, and shapes. Tumbling involves performing a series of skills on sprung track, with the feet and hands making contact with the ground.

All our club training is held in the Mardyke Arena using our state-of-the-art equipment and is overseen by our experienced coaches and club members. Our club welcomes members of all levels, whether you have never attempted gymnastics before or if you have years of competition and training experience, in any discipline.

Trampolining is an exhilarating sport to take part in, is very impressive to watch and has a strong community across Ireland. There are seven student clubs in Ireland alone: UCC, UL, UCD, DCU, Trinity, Queen’s and Maynooth, with many more in England, Scotland, Wales and across Europe.

There are many opportunities to make friends across the country at the many competitions that our club attends, with a minimum of three in Ireland and one abroad. Student trampoline has an excellent reputation for a vibrant social scene and exciting club trips and events throughout the year.

As well as this, our club has enjoyed an enormous amount of competitive success in the past few years, most recently winning every competition which we were eligible to win in the 18/19 year.

Many people join our club and win individual medals and awards even in their first year. Check out our calendar for training times which takes place in the Mardyke Arena at the Mardyke Sports Grounds;

We have an open-door training policy where anybody can join at any ability level for however much or little training they want, so if want you can train for over ten hours a week or as little as half an hour. As well as this, new members can join at any stage of the year. We hope to see you all there!

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