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Kung Fu

Welcome to UCC Kung Fu, we're based in the Mardyke Arena and cater for beginners through to advanced.

About Us

Founded by our Grand Master Michael O’Meara, here in UCC Kung Fu we strive to improve ourselves physically, mentally and spiritually, taking a holistic approach to our training. “Kung Fu” literally means hard work and we try to bring this work ethic and skills learned in training into all aspects of our lives, to alleviate stress in our personal lives, to develop mental sharpness to help with exams, or the ability to defend ourselves if the need arises. As a result, the emphasis of our training is on improving fitness, flexibility, strength, self-confidence, endurance and technique. As you progress, there will also be an emphasis put on weapon training, hardening and combat.

In UCC Kung Fu, training is kept diverse and challenging; there is no such thing as a typical class, which makes it even more interesting. We have always had an open door-policy, and always like to see new faces. Our club is open to anyone who is willing to give Kung Fu a go, from complete beginners to people with vast martial arts experience, and we hope to create a fun and supportive environment for all our members.

Many join to build strength, learn self-defence, or just to take a step closer to the cartoons we grew up with, but no matter what the initial thought was, UCC Kung Fu just accepts and teaches because whatever you put in, you get back ten-fold.


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