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Join Our Clubs

Sport offers so many opportunities to students, not only on the field of play but off it. Have you got a specific skill set that will be of benefit to a student committee or perhaps you want to cheer on from the side-lines supporting our teams?

We hope you find your tribe by being a part of a club at University College Cork. To join a Club online please use our click here.

How to join a club

Joining a club has never been easier. Not sure what to do? Then look no further, let us help you find your tribe.

Head on over to the 'Find Your Club page' now and begin selecting from the wide variety of clubs to choose from.

If you need any further help, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

Join us

Join now and find your tribe! Select a club to join and use your student email to create your clubforce account.

Volunteer, Coach or Mentor

UCC sports clubs provide many opportunities to individuals on the playing field, however there are just as many experiences to be gain off the field by volunteering with a club. 

Whether you're a student, graduate, staff member or from the local community, perhaps you have a skill set that would help develop a UCC sports club even further. 

Can you spare some time each week, or once a month, or perhaps help out with one off events, offer support and advice to a club?  Then why not email with details of how you would like to get involved and if you have a specific club in mind that you would like to volunteer with.

Why Volunteer?

  • Give something back to your UCC community or club
  • Gain valuable training and experience which may lead to paid employment.  Current students can check out the UCC Works Award
  • Put your special interests and talents to use by helping a club
  • Learn new skills and/or develop new interests
  • Meet new people with similar interest in your sport
  • Make a difference

Department of Sport & Physical Activity

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