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UCC Sport includes the full-time staff of the Department of Sport and Physical Activity working with the Clubs Executive Committee representing over 50 clubs within University College Cork. You can learn more about our goals and ambition in our UCC Sports Strategy.

Our priorities

UCC Sport key priorities are to: 

  • Have as many people possible enjoy sport be active in UCC 
  • Deliver a great and safe experience for students, clubs and participants 
  • Support teams and athletes perform to their full potential 
  • Provide excellent sports facilities and services  

Our Vision

"The globally renowned go-to university for sport and physical activity in Ireland"

Our vision is crafted on what makes UCC different and unique when we are at our very best. It is build on 10 key truths:

  1. UCC and Cork can be considered a Democratic Republic of Sport
  2. We have legacy and pride in our soil and in our blood
  3. Our belief is greater than our doubt
  4. UCC sport and physical activity is for everyone
  5. Our breadth and depth is our strength
  6. Sport and physical activity is a release valve from the pressures of modern university life
  7. We are thriving through sport and physical activity
  8. We have citizenship at heart
  9. We are many tribes and one team.
  10. The Skull and Crossbones is more than a logo

We are a proud university and we believe that our best is yet to come. We believe that we have it in us—in our disparate parts and in our many tribes—to galvanise and unify to make UCC a destination for sport and physical activity for students, staff, the media, commercial and sporting bodies and agencies; to be a destination for companies seeking graduate talent; to be a catalyst for the future growth and development of sport in UCC and in Cork.

So now is the time to realise the full potential of UCC sport and physical activity as a joined-up, go-to force to be reckoned with.

Our Goals

To help us achieve our vision on behalf of our students, we have set out an ambitious plan against six strategic goals:

  1. Ignite the UCC community of sport
  2. Maximise our brand’s potential
  3. Create a culture of holistic development
  4. Sharpen our edge
  5. Develop world-class facilities
  6. Create success through leadership

Our Values

  • Ambition and Grit
  • Unity and Respect
  • Resilience and Betterment
  • Discovery and Innovation

And to help us realise our values, goals and vision, our entire community of sport and physical activity will galvanise behind a North Star mantra that will, perhaps for the first time, lend words to the meaning of our brand: 

Pride on our chest; Belief in our heart; Sport in our bones

Department of Sport & Physical Activity

Spórt UCC

Ferry Lodge, Mardyke Walk, T12 P282