Made 2 Move

Welcome to UCC Made 2 Move. The club's focus is helping physically inactive students become more active in a relaxed and non-competitive manner. All students welcome regardless of your current activity levels.

About Us

The UCC Made2Move club was established in 2018. The club's focus is helping physically inactive students become more active in a relaxed and non-competitive manner. It is open to all students from those who were active previously or those who would like to start being more active.

It is well proven that being active helps you feel better physically and mentally. It gives you more energy and helps you manage stress. It is recommended that all adults do 150 minutes of physical activity a week and the Made2Move club is based on helping students at UCC achieve this.

Many students would like to be active, but some may not know how to start or find a suitable routine for themselves. Also, many students find it difficult to manage the workload at university and making time for exercise. The Made2Move club provides the solution.

The club is made up of active students (MoveMentors) who guide, support, and motivate inactive students (Move Mentees) to become more active. The Move Mentors are trained students who help Move Mentees create an individual exercise routine for themselves based on their preferred activity. The Move Mentors can exercise by walking or jogging with their Move Mentee and also accompany them to the gym or to fitness classes at the Mardyke.

The premise of the Made2Move club is to help students make physical activity part of their lifestyle and to establish a routine which they can maintain throughout their time at university. Motivational and educational talks with guest speakers are organised throughout each semester. The subject matter of the talks is based on topics students will find interesting and inspiring. Social activities where all members of the Made2Move club can meet are organised weekly. Each semester is completed with a charity activity such as a 5km walk/run.

Overall, the Made2Move club is one where support and guidance is provided for students at UCC to become more active in a non-competitive manner with the focus being on being active for their health and wellbeing.

Made2Move Activities

There are currently no scheduled activities, please email us for more information.

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