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Seminars and presentations

Seminars 2023

Date: 05.05.2023
Name: "Mobility or precarity? Constructions and uses of international mobility among long-term precarious academics in Ireland" Aline Courtois, University of Bath

UCCRSA presentations 2014

Seminar: 19th February 2014

Session 1: Contracts of indefinite duration & Short term contracts/Redundancy


Session 2: Funding for researchers

Funding for researchers

Session 3: Researcher representation within UCC

Researcher reprsentation


Seminar: 14th November 2013

Session 1: Researcher Career Framework

Researcher Career Framework

Session 2: Charter & Code

Charter and Code

Session 3: Teaching opportunities

Teaching opportunities for researchers

Presentation by Bank of Ireland - 09.04.2013

Dear all,

We're pleased to announce an interesting talk by the Bank of Ireland (BOI) on the eligibility of researchers to get a mortgage from BOI. Most fixed-term contract researchers are facing insecure and indefinite future. Application for a mortgage is usually not considered possible. The UCC branch of BOI has kindly agreed to discuss and clarify the requirements needed for mortgage to be approved and shed some light on the perspective of fixed contract researchers in this context. 

Date:  Tuesday, 9th, April, 15.00-16.00.

Venue: Pharmacy Building, Lecture Theatre 1: LG51

The talk will be followed by informal discussion with coffee and pastries which will be available after the talk at 4pm outside the lecture room.

ARCS committee

BOI mortgage fact sheet

 Free. Organised by ARCS

Eli Lilly Presentation - 23.01.2013

ARCS would like to confirm the presentation by Eli Lilly to UCC researchers and ARCS members.

The venue is the Cavanugh lecture theatre LG52 at 2pm.

The agenda is as follows:

  • ½ hour introduction by Eli Lilly, and career prospects in Lilly.
  • Presentation summary by UCC researchers of approx 3 research areas of interest or relevance to Lilly.
  • Questions: 10 minutes 
  • Tea, coffee and snacks afterwards

Also in attendance may be the VP for Research, Anita Maguire, as well as careers office.


Organised by ARCS

LinkedIn Seminar - 16.05.2012

Presentation by  Liza Smyth, Global Leader, Enterprise Support, LinkedIn. 

Liza will discuss the benefits of using LinkedIn for research/academic purposes, examples of networking and collaborating using LinkedIn, as well as current opportunities at LinkedIn and skills required to work in big multi-cultural industry such as LinkedIn. 

As employment conditions change within UCC, many researchers will find themselves looking outside academia for employment oppourtunities. This talk should prove to be very informative in relation to the benifits of using LinkedIn. While academic use of LinkedIn is increasing, it is already well established in industry and serves to increase prospective employee profiles, in part by building professional networks.

The talk will be followed by informal discussion with coffee and pastries which will be available after the talk at 3pm outside the lecture room.

If you missed Lizas presentation it can be downloaded here. LinkedIn Seminar

LinkedIn Seminar


SFI presentation - 13.03.2012

Presentation by Janice Murtagh PhD on SFI funding oppourtunities and how they will integrate with the new UCC research career structure

Scientific Programme Officer, Science Foundation Ireland


Following the presentation there will be an oppourtunity to talk with the speaker and meet with the ARCS committee. Coffee and pasteries will also be provided.

Presenter Background: Holding a PhD in Pharmacology from University College Dublin, Janice Murtagh started her professional career as a scientist. She completed her PhD research with a two-year postdoctoral fellowship on differentiation-associated cell signalling in the mammary gland at UCD while supervising postgraduate research projects.

In 2004, Dr Murtagh joined the Department of Oncology at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in Bronx, New York as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow where she focused on the anti-angiogenic effects of the chemotherapeutic drug Taxotere®. She was awarded a New York State Department of Health Post-Doctoral Fellowship Award and after two years became a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Department of Haematology/Oncology at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City. Here she researched the chemopreventative role of Vitamin A in breast cancer and dealt with grant preparation and budgeting for the National Cancer Centre.

Her skills in marketing and organisation, project and laboratory management led her to responsibilities in Enterprise Ireland, the government agency responsible for the development and promotion of the Irish business sector. There she became a Commercialisation Specialist for Lifesciences and Food, which allowed her to develop her expertise in protection strategies, commercialisation of patents and technology-based start-up companies. She has significant knowledge of the funding infrastructure for scientific research in Ireland. Her current role as Scientific Programme Officer at Science Foundation Ireland involves the support of academic researchers and research teams in the fields of science and engineering, as well as direct interactions with companies and industrial associations. 


If you were unable to attend, the full presentation can downloaded here;

SFI presentation

Free. Organised by ARCS

Mike Jennings (IFoUT) - 30.11.2011

Mike Jennings is the General Secretary of IFUT, the Irish Federation of University Teachers. In recent times IFUT has taken a large number of important cases to the Rights Commissioners and to the Labour Court on behalf of Researchers. These cases have dealt with issue of quantum of Redundancy payments and entitlement to Contracts of Indefinite Duration (CID). IFUT is also currently persuing a formal complaint that the 'Croke Park' Agreement has been broken by a University making people who have CID's redundant. IFUT has also held a formal meeting with the Irish Research Staff Association regarding developing relations between the two organisations. Mike will speak about the above topics and will be pleased to take a Q&A session afterwards.


Organised by ARCS

UCC Research Staff Association

C/O Hydraulics and Maritime Research Centre, Pouladuff Rd, Togher (UCC Internal)