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Student Research

Student Research

Student Research

Student Research

UCC is Ireland’s premier research institution and home to many of the country’s major national research institutes including the following:

  • Alimentary Pharmabiotic Centre
  • Bioinnovation Centre
  • The Biosciences Research Institute
  • Centre for Gerontology and Rehabilitation
  • Cork Cancer Research Centre

This culture of research and critical thinking is fostered in our students. Medical students at UCC engage in research from the beginning of their student years and receive structured teaching in research methodologies. All students complete a research project during their final two years.

Students can choose a variety of research-based topics as their student selected module. All students complete a student research project during their final two years and many students present their work at national and international meetings and publish their research in peer-reviewed publications. Each year, UCC medical students are frequent recipients of undergraduate research scholarships (i.e. Health Research Board and Science Foundation Ireland).

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