Celebrating Beauty in Science and Nature

  • Anatomy & Neuroscience exhibits at the 'It’s a Beautiful World’ exhibition

    03 Mar 2014
    Anatomy & Neuroscience exhibits at the 'It’s a Beautiful World’ exhibition

    The Department of Anatomy and Neuroscience are well represented at the exhibition. Images from the students of Dr Yvonne Nolan, Dr André Toulouse, Dr Eric Downer and Dr Kieran McDermott are among the exhibits from the department of Anatomy and Neuroscience.


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  • Dr Conleth Murphy exhibits

    03 Mar 2014
    Dr Conleth Murphy exhibits

    Conleth is a consultant medical oncologist in the Bon Secours Hospital in Cork He is also involved in medical education in his role as a Senior Lecturer in clinical education at UCC. He is currently enrolled in a life drawing course at the CIT Crawford College of Art and Design and finds that focusing on capturing an image is a great release from the pressures of work!

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  • Stephen Bean and Christian Waeber exhibits

    03 Mar 2014
    Stephen Bean and Christian Waeber exhibits

    Stephen Bean
    As an artist, Stephen has worked with internationally renowned artists such as James Turrell, Franz Gertsch, Franz Stahler, Marshall Hutson, Gerd Kever and Patrick Bradfield. Educated in England, he studied Photography and Art in Brighton. He was made a Licentiate of the Royal Photographic Society in 2002 and a Fellow in 2004. He worked as a combat cameraman covering the wars of independence in central Africa. He covered the air relief of Srebrenica in 1995, and the relief of Sarajevo in 1996. His influences are firmly aligned to the avant-garde and in particular to the work of Alexander Rodchenko, Man Ray and the Czech avant-garde photographer Jaroslav Rossler. Stephen has worked as the UCC University Cameraman since 1999, and teaches photography through the UCC Centre for Adult Continuing Education.

    Christian Waeber
    Christian Waeber moved from Boston to UCC in early 2013.Over the last 20 years, Christian has combined his work as medical researcher with a career in fine art photography. As a photographer, he is particularly interested in night and architecture photography, as well as the human body. As a scientist, his main area is brain research and the interactions of blood vessels with brain tissue.

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  • Tommie McCarthy and Louis' Tattoo

    03 Mar 2014
    Tommie McCarthy and Louis' Tattoo

    Tommie McCarthy is a Professor in the School of Biochemistry and Cell Biology at UCC. His main area of research expertise is human molecular genetics.


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  • Frank van Pelt exhibits

    03 Mar 2014
    Frank van Pelt exhibits

    Frank van Pelt commenced work at UCC in 1995 and is now a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics.
    Frank is largely self-taught photographer and his interests include close-ups and still life at various levels of abstraction, as well as sports and travel photography.
    Frank’s photos are regularly part of international exhibitions, where some of his images have won awards. Frank has exhibited at the Jennings Gallery and the Glucksman Gallery at UCC.

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  • Exhibits by Colman Casey, Robert Fourie and Carl Vaughan

    03 Mar 2014
    Exhibits by Colman Casey, Robert Fourie and Carl Vaughan

    Colman Casey
    Colman (PhD Microbiology and UCC graduate) has spent most of his working life in the Food and Pharmaceutical industry and is currently the Administrative Director for Research and Industrial Liaison at the College of Medicine and Health in UCC. Colman is married to Ailín and they have two children, Fionnuala and Eoghan.

    Robert Fourie
    Dr. Robert Fourie is a South African artist who has lived in Ireland for 15 years. He works as a Lecturer in Speech and Hearing Sciences at UCC and is registered blind. His medium is electronic art and he uses a radio pen and pad attached to a computer with a very bright screen to engage in art as a pastime. He believes that beauty is a value upon which principles for living can be founded. The truth is always beautiful.

    Carl Vaughan
    Carl is a Consultant cardiologist at the Mercy Hospital Cork and has exhibited at the Jennings Gallery on a number of occasions. Carl graduated from University College Cork in 1989 and trained in medicine and cardiology in Cork before immigrating to New York in 1996 where he did a fellowship in Cardiology. Carl returned to Cork in 2004.  He is married to Fiona and they have three children, Cliona, Sophie and Charlie.

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  • Maeve O' Connell - INFANT Research Centre, CUMH

    03 Mar 2014
    Maeve O' Connell - INFANT Research Centre, CUMH

    Maeve studied nursing and midwifery at UCC. She graduated with a Master’s Degree from King’s College London in 2012 and returned to UCC to commence her PhD studies. While living in London, Maeve developed a passion for photography, especially landscape and still life images. She took a short course in Digital Photography at DUCTAC in Dubai and currently has landscape photographs in an amateur exhibition at the Aisling Irish Cultural Centre in Yonkers, New York.

    Being a midwife, Maeve has a particular interest in baby portraits and capturing babies’ unique personalities. Maeve is a Clinical Research Midwife on the IMPROvED Research Study at UCC. The main aim of IMPROvED is to develop a clinically robust predictive blood test for pre-eclampsia, using innovative technologies and utilising novel metabolite and protein biomarkers. The study will be recruiting 5000 women in total across 7 European centres in 5 countries. Maeve will be involved in recruiting 1000 first time mothers in Cork to the study in the next 2 years.

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  • Meenakshi Malhotra, Colin Bradley and Laura O' Neill

    03 Mar 2014
    Meenakshi Malhotra, Colin Bradley and Laura O' Neill

    Meenakshi Malhotra is a postdoctoral researcher in the School of Pharmacy, UCC. She started painting as a hobby during her PhD and now has a professional website (www.akshiarts.com).

    Colin Bradley is Professor of General Practice in UCC and, in addition to his teaching and research work in the medical school, he practices as a GP in Cobh. He first took up a camera when he joined the Photography Society in his secondary school in Northern Ireland. His involvement in photography as a hobby lapsed until about a decade ago when he acquired his first digital SLR (single lens reflex) camera. Since then he has developed an interest in and, hopefully, some aptitude as a photographer. He has exhibited twice before in the Jennings Gallery as well as in Cork Airport as part of Culture night 2012 and 2013 as a member of the Carrigaline Photographic Society.

    Laura O'Neill is a third year General Nursing student. Her drawing 'Hands' is based on the last moments between an elderly couple

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  • Pearl Prendergast, Maeve Doyle, Alice Kirby and Colin Bradley

    03 Mar 2014
    Pearl Prendergast, Maeve Doyle, Alice Kirby and Colin Bradley

    Artwork by Pearl Prendergast, Maeve Doyle, Alice Kirby and Colin Bradley is displayed in the corridor of the Jennings Gallery under the theme of 'Personal Interpretations' of 'It's a Beautiful World'.

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