Staff Services

Staff Services

  • Data transfer from personal computer: Recently received a new PC? IT Services can transfer the data from your old computer to your new one.
  • Data Warehouse: The UCC Data warehouse is an application that was developed by the IT Services department in conjunction with the Registrars Office (System Administration) and an external company - Client Solutions. The application provides consistent and timely student information to UCC staff. Questions regarding the data should be directed to
  • Desktop and Laptop Services: The IT Services department supports user hardware from purchase to disposal. Devices bought through IT Services will be configured for UCC's network and will contain the latest supported versions of the Microsoft Windows Operating System or MacOS. Applications such as Microsoft Office will also be installed.
  • Device Purchasing: This service provides for the purchase provisioning of computers and connected IT equipment
  • Digital Signage: AVMS is responsible for the digital signage systems in the Brookfield Health Sciences Complex and in the Western Gateway Building.
  • DMIS: Departmental Module Information System for returning student marks at module level. Also provides class lists and module results reports.
  • EduGate: The EduGate federation is comprised of Irish Higher Education Institutions and Organisations that have agreed upon a standard procedure for exchanging information about users and resources to enable access and use of those resources and services. The EduGate federation is a service operated by HEAnet For UCC Staff your edugate credentials are your UCC email address and Central password.
  • Eduroam wifi: eduroam (EDUcation ROAMing) is the secure world-wide roaming infrastructure used by affiliated Users and educational facilities to allow their staff students and Users to visit other participating institutions and continue to have wireless connectivity . Being part of eduroam allows users to access a wireless network at a visited participating institution simply using by using credentials (i.e. username and password) assigned to them by their home institution.
  • Encryption Laptop: This service provides for the encryption of the internal hard disks of University laptops.
  • Energy Management: Green IT - Tips on how you can help protect the environment while still getting the most out of IT.
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IT Services Department

Seirbhísí TF

Room 3.34, 3rd floor, T12 YN60