The Combined Higher Education Software Team, CHEST project negotiates special deals for the purchasing and licensing of software for third level educational institutions. Software manufacturers and suppliers offer special prices because of the cost-saving they achieve through bulk purchases and the reduction in paperwork. Following is a list of software currently available through CHEST deals. For assistance with purchasing other software please email  For assistance with installing the below software please contact the Staff Helpdesk - Email:, Ext: 2120.

  • Endnote - Windows, Mac OS
  • F-Secure - Windows
  • Mathematica -Windows, Mac OS, Unix, Linux (Available for students and staff in SEFs)
  • Microsoft Office Professional- Windows, Mac OS
  • Minitab - Windows
  • NVivo - Qualitative Statistical Software - Windows, Mac OS
  • SAS - Windows
  • SPSS - Windows, Mac OS (Available for students and staff)
  • WinEdt - Editor for LaTeX documents

All site licensed software is available on a network share \\\Software

Please Note: You must be connected to the UCC Network to access this share.

To access this share on a Windows 7 machine:

  1. Click the Start button
  2. Type in \\\Software into the Search Programs and Files box and press the Enter key
  3. The shared folder will open in a new window

To access this share on a Linux machine:

  1. Open your File Manager (eg Dolphin, Nautilus, etc)
  2. In the File menu, select Show Location
  3. Type in smb:// into the Location box and press the Enter key
  4. You will be prompted for your Windows logon and password
  5. The shared folder will open in the same window

Office 365 is now available to UCC Staff for Home Use

UCC is happy to announce that Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus is now available for Faculty and Staff at no cost to you!  Office 365 ProPlus includes Office for the iPad and the Microsoft Office Suite for your personally-owned computers. 

To access your Office 365 Pro Plus subscription, log in to your Office 365 Account at


For more information on Office 365 please go to:

Additional Software other than those listed above are available on the Standard Select Agreement.  This is paid for via Purchase Order made payable to Micromail Ltd.  To get a quote email

Please Note: MS Project and Microsoft Server products are not available on the Microsoft Campus Licence but may be purchased at reduced Select Scheme prices.

Replacement PCs purchased through the IT Services department will have a standard image installed on them which includes the currently supported version of Windows Operating System and MS Office and the latest version of anti-virus. 

Any additional software that was installed on your old PC (e.g. Adobe Writer or SPSS) will have to be installed again as only files and folders can be transferred between PCs. 

If the additional software has been purchased by you, then you will be required to provide the installation media and product keys from time of purchase in order to install it on your replacement PC.

Below is a list of popular software available online:

Adobe Reader (PDF Viewer)

MS Office Viewer (iPad App)

Mendeley (Reference Manager)

Zortero (Reference Manager)

Firefox (Web Browser)

Discounted software packages such as Mircrosoft Office are avaialble to UCC registered students. Details can be found on the SIT website.


Summary: The Combined Higher Education Software Team, "CHEST" project negotiates special deals for the purchasing and licensing of software for third level educational institutions.

Primary users of this service: Staff, Researchers, Student

Who to contact to use this service: E: | IT Services |

Contact to discuss this service: Deirdre O'Keeffe | E: |

Strategic Focus: Enabling Infrastructure Services

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