Content Management System

TerminalFour CMS

Summary: The system that UCC uses to update web pages

Primary users of this service: Staff, Researchers, Student

Who to contact to use this service: CMS Support | E: | IT Services |

Contact to discuss this service: CMS Support | E: | IT Services |

Strategic Focus: Teaching & Learning, Research

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Content Management System

In UCC we use the TerminalFour content management system (CMS) to maintain the University's website. Each department or office is responsible for their own website. The CMS enables users to create, update and maintain a UCC website without having to worry about the look and feel of their site or the technicalities of HTML and CSS — the UCC styles are used automatically — instead, it allows them to concentrate on the actual information that their site contains.

Users can get their site and their own account set up by completing the new site request form.

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Content Management System Training

TerminalFour training is available via Canvas at

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