Early Modern Military Identity: A One-Day Symposium in the School of English

21 Aug 2015
Friday August 28th, ORB G27 UCC, 2-6pm
This one-day symposium brings together literary critics and historians to examine the issue of early modern military identity. This broad-ranging interdisciplinary platform will address the significance of: modes of writing such as campaign journals and military autobiography in the Tudor and Elizabethan eras; key figures such as Lord Grey; experiencing and writing on wounds in early modern Ireland; poetic perspectives on regional and national military identity in pre-Civil War England; the myth-making of the early modern Irish as primitive figures.
The key objective of the symposium is to interrogate the formation, or perhaps the fabrication, of soldierly personas by early modern authors, particularly through the relation of real or imagined military experience, and to examine what effect these types of writing had on wider contemporary literary production and our subsequent understanding of the period.
All are welcome and no registration is required, but all interested parties should contact organiser, Dr Cian O' Mahony (, to ensure places.
The full programme is available here: EMMI symposium programme.

English Department

Roinn an Bhéarla

O'Rahilly Building, University College Cork, Cork. Ireland