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Useful Resources

Useful Resources


  • S.I No.73/2001 – Genetically Modified Organisms (Contained Use) Regulations, 2001: click here
  • S.I No. 442/2010 - Genetically Modified Organisms (Contained Use) (Amendment) Regulations, 2010: click here
  • Decision 2000-608-EC Guidance Notes for Risk Assessments on GMMs: click here
  • S.I. No.248/1998 - Biological Agents (Amended) Regulations 1998: click here (Hazard Classification of Biological Agents) 
  • EPA GMO website: click here
  • EPA Guidance Note For Users of GMOs (Contained Use) in Ireland: click here
  • EPA Guidelines for those planning to work with GM Plants in contained Environments: click here 
  • EPA Guidelines on containment measures for Genetically Modified (GM) Animals: click here
  • EPA Guidelines for Biological Safety Committees and Biological Safety Officers: click here
  • EPA Guidance Note to Genetically Modified Organisms (Deliberate release) Regulations: click here
  • SACGM Guidance on Genetic Modification (Risk Assessments of GMMs & GMOs etc.): click here



  • BSC Lab visits summary and GM biosafety for incoming SEFS students (October 2012): BSC October 2012


Essential Records & Resources

The following essential resources (biohazard sign, staff train record, autoclave inactivation record, GMM storage record and SOPs) should be made available in your laboratory. Please print off the documents for your own use (or use them as an example to design your own records). 

Use of MONTHLY Spore Strips as a control measure in inactivation of GM Waste

The EPA have recommended that control measures (e.g. spore strips, Bowie & Dick Test) must be applied at least monthly to ensure that inactivation methods remain adequate and effective. The EPA have said that a validated autoclave cycle must reduce the number of viable organisms by 6 logs.

For your information some documents have been provided below:

  •  From Raven Labs - (distributed by Cruinn) on their range of spore strips and biological indicators: 

Raven Labs Catalog





  • From NAMSA (distributed by VWR) on their range of spore strips:

spore strips


***Please note***

For labs that do not have an incubator the '3M Comply Thermalog' Steam Chemical Integrator might be a useful substitute for Spore strips/ampoules.

Biological Safety


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