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How to register?

How to obtain a license for working with GMO/GMMs in Ireland

Environmental Protection Agency Regulations for GMM/GMOs 

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is the authority in Ireland that implements Genetically Modified Micro-Organisms (GMM) and Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) Regulations. The EPA is responsible for the licensing of GMM/GMO activity.

Any person/organisation are legally obliged to submit a notification to the Environmental Protection Agency in accordance with the requirements of the Contained Use legislation, seeking the Agency’s consent before commencing work with GMOs.

 GMMs  Step-by-Step Guide: Genetically Modified Micro-organisms (GMM) Notification 
Step I Fill in 'Part A' form with User, Premises and Class of contained use information.

<<Part A (GMMs)

 Step II  Fill in Risk Assessment Form.



 Step III  Fill in 'Part B' form if you have assigned a Class 2, 3 or 4 to your GMM contained use.

<<Part B (GMMs)

Step IV   Email the UCC Genetic Engineering Group (GEG) these completed forms:

(1) Form 'Part A',

(2) Risk Assessment and

(3) Form 'Part B' (applicable for Class 2 or higher) 

Please email the University Biological Safety Advisor ( the forms for review by Group.

Step V  The GEG will review your application.

Please remember that the EPA do not accept applications that have not been first approved by the UCC Genetic Engineering Group.

Step VI Approved GMM applications should to be sent to the EPA ( and please carbon copy the Genetic Engineering Group ( in this email.

For a valid notification to the EPA, the fees need to be paid. Please see next step for more details.

 Step VII  Payment of fees: Please complete the UCC_EPA_payment_form for payments from a research grant. Details of fee amount can be found on the FAQs[Q2,-Q4].
 Step VIII

 EPA will give a notification of decision for first time use of a premises within 45 days (Class 1 & 2) and 90 days (Class 3 & 4) of receipt of application.

Important Notice: GMM Register Entry

Please note that the register entry email that you receive from the EPA is not your consent for contained use. You must wait for a consent document before your can begin your research. A register entry is like opening a file for your application and it needs to be consented by EPA before your research begins.







 Step-by-Step Guide: Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO Plant & Animals) Notification 
Step I Fill in Form Part Iwith User, Premises and nature of contained use.

<<Form - Part I


 Step II

Form - Part II

Contained use: GMM (microorganisms)( Additional Guidelines and Examples)


 Step III  Email UCC Genetic Engineering Group (GEG):

(1) Form I on User/Premises and

(2) Form II - Risk Assessment 

 Please email the Biosafety Advisor ( the forms for review by the GEG.

Step IV

 The GEG will review your application.

 Step V

 The GEG will inform you when you GMO applications is approved.

Please email your GMO application to the EPA (, copying the Biosafety Advisor ( in the email.

 Please remember that the EPA do not accept applications that have not been first approved by the UCC Genetic Engineering Group.

 Step VI

 EPA will give a notification of decision within 45 days of receipt of application.

Subsequent contained uses (for example: use of new strains of GM mice) are by means of a risk assessment with the Annual Report to the EPA.

Important Notice: GMO Agreement Letter

Consent conditions are not issued for work with GM animals/plants, only a Letter of Agreement. The letter should be held as a record of consent. It will have guidelines for use of animals in animal houses (or plants in growth cabinets) attached to it.

Biological Safety


Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation, 7 Bloomfield Terrace, University College Cork, Cork, Ireland.