Frequently Asked Questions

1) How is GM Animal waste disposed of in UCC?

All Animal waste is collected by Healthcare Waste Management Ltd. who act as agents for Ecosafe Ltd who are licensed to dispose of GM waste.

2) What are the fees associated with applying for a GMO or GMO license from the EPA?



Fee: First time use* (Agency decision timeframe)  

Fee: Subsequent  contained use** (Agency decision timeframe)
 Class1_GMM  €250 (45 days)  Annual reporting
 Class2_GMM  €1,875 (45 days)  €625 (Art. 18(2)) (10 days)
 Class3_GMM  €4,500 (90 days)  €1,500 (Art. 19(2)) (45 days)
 Class4_GMM  €22,500 (90 days)  €7,500 (Art. 19(2)) (45 days)
 GMO  €0 (45 days)  Annual reporting

* First time use = Where a premises is being used for the first time for any GMM/GMO contained use activity. Each PI working with GMMs must register for first time use.

** Subsequent contained use = Where a user already submitted a notification to the EPA and received approval for the first time use of a premises and is embarking on a new Class 2/3/4 GMM contained use activity.

3) How do I pay the fees to the EPA?

EPA does not accept Purchase Orders (PO). Fees must be made directly to their account or via a cheque.


Bank Name: Allied Irish Banks Plc 
Bank Address:  North Main Street, Wexford
Account Holder Name: Environmental Protection Agency
Account Number:  23507098
Sort Code: 93-33-41
Swift Address: AIBKIE2D
IBAN: IE 23 AIBK 933341 23507098


Please fill in the UCC_EPA_payment_form with your research grant details and send to Gayle Atkinson, Accounts Payable Office, UCC. This payment takes about 2-3 weeks to clear. Please note that electronic signatures are not acceptable on the payment form.

4) Can a user seek a refund of fees paid?

A user may seek a waiver or refund of up to 50% of fees paid in certain limited circumstances outlined under Article 48 of the GMO (Contained Use) Regulations S.I. No 73/2001. Users must apply for a refund in writing setting out their reasons for seeking such a refund. The granting of a waiver or refund is at the absolute discretion of the Board of the Agency.

5) What legislative provision is made for confidential information under the Contained Use Regulations?

Article 9 deals with confidential information. In submitting information to the EPA, the user must identify that which is confidential and request the EPA to treat it as confidential. To facilitate the EPA in this, the information must be provided separately, under separate cover (to facilitate separate and safe storage). Within 14 days of receipt of the information and request from the user, the EPA will make a decision as to whether the information involved constitutes confidential information. Certain information shall not be regarded as confidential:

  • the name and address of the user and the location of the contained use;
  • the purpose of the contained use and the general characteristics of the GMM involved;
  • the class of the contained use and the level of containment;
  • the evaluation of foreseeable effects and, in particular, any harmful effects on human health or the environment.

6) Can the Agency issue invoices?

Request standard letter from the Agency for the accounts department. No invoices – statutory fees.

7) Can I add new GMMs to my register?

Class 1 GMMs can be added with the annual report form, submit the risk assessments for new GMMs only.
Class 2/3/4 GMMs – additional notifications and additional fees for subsequent use (see Q.2 above).

8) Are you planning on doing clinical trials with GMMs?

Please refer to the deliberate release regulations - Part B. You should contact the EPA before beginning clinical trials.

9) How does the EPA deal with requests from members of the public to view files relating to contained use of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) on the public register?

Viewing of these files is by prior arrangement only. The request is dealt with by a member of the GMO inspectors team and certain information will be redacted from the files such as names of the people involved with the work, so as to protect the individuals from potential actions by animal rights activists.

10) Useful information to include with your GMO risk assessments....

  • Please remember to indicate the number of GM mice/plants that you propose to work with in your risk assessment.
  • How many breeding pairs?
  • How long will your work be going on for?

11)  How often should Spore Strips be used as a control measure in inactivation of GM Waste?

The EPA has amended the frequency for which control measures (e.g. Spore strips) must be applied for the inactivation of GM waste. The frequency that the Agency recommends for the use of control measures is at least monthly to ensure that inactivation methods remain adequate and effective.

12) Please remember to register your Class 2 or higher Biological Agents with the Health and Safety Authority

Biological Safety


Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation, 7 Bloomfield Terrace, University College Cork, Cork, Ireland.