Lab visits

Lab Visits 2019

The aim of these visits is to assist GMO/GMM users with their compliance to the EPA consent conditions for GMOs and GMMs in a contained use laboratory setting. 

Please find the presentation from the GMO Lab Visit Information session on 28/3/19 that will help the newer labs prepare your laboratory for working with GMOs/GMMs and we look forward to visiting you in the near future.

Talk can be downloaded from here: GMO presentation 2019

Please have all your records up-to date such as:

  • Copy of Letter of Agreement or letter of Consent from EPA
  • Staff training records
  • SOPs/Risk Assessments
  • Autoclave inactivation record. Please also keep records of Biological Indicator monitoring of autoclaves (such as monthly spore strips results)
  • Maintenance records (for equipment such as autoclaves/ biological safety cabinets)
  • GMM Stock records
  • Other useful information can be found in the Ongoing compliance section of the website.

Please note: It is an EPA requirement that you keep these records and they are made available to the EPA should they inspect UCC laboratories. 

Some useful resources to prepare your lab before a lab visit:

Tables in this document have been adapted from the S.I. No. 73/2001 - Genetically Modified Organisms (Contained Use) Regulations, 2001.

This document has been compiled by Dr Heino Niebel, Hamburg State Ministry for Urban Development and the Environment, for the Joint European Enforcement Project / Contained Use as a checklist for contained use inspections of laboratories, production facilities and Animal Units and Plant Growth rooms/Glasshouses.

Biological Safety


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