Contained use: GMM (microorganisms)

Guidelines for GMMs in the lab

What are GMMs?

“Genetically modified micro-organism” means a micro-organism in which the genetic material has been altered in a way that does not occur naturally by mating or natural recombination, or by a combination of both (Article 3(1)).

Genetically Modified Micro-organisms (GMMs) are genetically modified bacteria, viruses, animal and plant cells in culture.


Genetically Modified Mirco-organism Forms

For contained use of a Genetically Modified Mirco-organisms (GMMs) under S.I. No 73 of 2001 the following items are required:

1.  A Cover letter including information on user, premises and class of contained use as required under legislation.

Part A (GMMs) <<< Cover letter can be downloaded from here.

2.  A Risk Assessment must be carried out (following regulatory guidelines).

GMM Risk Assessment Form <<< Risk Assessment form can be downloaded from here.

Rist Assessment examples and forms can also be found on in the Risk Assessment section of this website.

3.  For Class 2 and higher a further synopsis is needed. Please fill in following form:

Part B (GMMs)


For a step-by-step guide please go to the ' How to register? ' tab. 


UCC GMM Guidelines


Containment measures for contained use of GMM in a Class 1 & 2 Lab

The table is adapted from the S.I No.73/2001 GMO Contained use regulations (2001). 

Biological Safety


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