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Athena Action Plans & Resources

List of all the actions

3.1 (i) Survey staff

3.1. (ii) Review SAT membership + PTH

3.1.iii - Publish an annual AS progress report. - Athena SWAN landing page on our website

3.1 (iv) - ASNNAM involvement - Host Symposium

4.1 (i) Outreach to Male students

4.1 (ii) - Men at open days - Create video

4.1 (iii) Conduct focus groups with male students to better understand male barriers to retention and completion

4.1 (iv) Data on completion rates and progression

4.2 (i) hours employed for PTH

4.2 (ii) Mentor lecturers to SL

4.2 (iii) Research careers to UG IV + SURE

5.1 (i) Men on selection committees

5.1 (ii) Induction processes, Drop in session

5.1 (iii) Focus groups re Female promotions

5.3 (i) Leadership training

5.3(ii) Unconscious Bias training

5.3 (iii) Researcher Career Development -training, emails

5.3 (iv) Buddy system for research staff

5.3 (v) Rotational cover of colleagues to allow conferences

5.3 (vi) Mentoring students interested in doctorate

5.3 (vii) Grant writing supports/peers/champions

5.5 (i) Awareness of supports in pregnancy

5.5 (ii) Returning from Mat leave supports

5.6 (i) - EDI standing item on agendas - DRRD policy training

5.6 (ii) Timetables – students with caring commitments

5.6 (iii) Dedicated person re supporting above

5.6 (iv) Pgm evaluations include Q re caring responsibilities

5.6 (v) Placements at weekends

5.6 (vi) EDI Award annually

5.6 (vii) Programmes review in light of 9 grounds equality

5.6 (viii) Male rep on committees of >6

5.6 (ix) Annual review of staff on committees

5.6 (x) Reveal hidden workloads

5.6 (xi) Core hours for committees

5.6 (xii) Gender of speakers at events

5.6 (xiii) - Target boys’ schools with details re courses - Diversity of images on promo materials

School of Nursing and Midwifery

Scoil an Altranais agus an Chnáimhseachais

Brookfield Health Sciences Complex College Road Cork, Ireland , T12 AK54