DEM 2 - Special Study Modules

Please use the link below to complete the selection form for your DEM2 SSM for 2021-2022. 

The deadline for completion of this form is Thursday May 20th.


Link to SSM form: Dem 2 SSM form 2021-2022


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DEM 2 Special Study Modules - All Modules are 5 credits.

AN2062 Human Embryology and Developmental Anatomy (5 credits)

FR2106 Towards Vantage French II

HS1092 Spanish Language for Medical Students (Beginner Level) (5 credits)

MX2002 Library Project in Medicine II (5 credits)

MX1004 Introducing Medical Students to Irish as a Spoken Language (5 credits)

MX2006 Student Directed Special Study in Medicine (5 credits)

MX2008 Medical Research Project (5 credits)

ST1001 Introduction to Health Statistics

PT2101 Chemotherapy and Pharmacology of Inflammation

MX2009 Advanced Irish Language II


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