Completed Projects

Completed Projects

Developing Offshore Wind Energy Seabed Zonation Tools (WindEaZ)- SFI iCRAG - 2019-2020

Aggregate Potential in Offshore Palaeovalleys (AggrePOP) – SFI iCRAG - 2018-2020, Coordinator Co-dEsigning opportunities towards the development of IRish offshore WIND (EIRwind) – SFI MaREI - 2018-2020, WP Leader

Formation of Littoral and Offshore Irish Placer Resources (FLiPER) – SFI iCRAG - 2017-2021, Coordinator

Irish Sea suitability mapping for novel offshore foundations (ISSManOF) – Geological Survey of Ireland - 2015-2016, Partner

North Irish Sea project – Gaelectric Developments - 2014-2016, Coordinator

Appraisal of Irish Sea Seabed Imaging for Tidal Energy Generation (ISSITEG) – INFOMAR Research Project - Jan 2012-Jan 2013, Coordinator

Sedimentary Processes & Quaternary Stratigraphy of the Celtic Sea, (offshore south coast) Ireland and the Irish Sea (offshore north coast) Ireland: implications for offshore renewable energy development – ESB-North South Universities Grant - Oct 2011-Oct 2012, Coordinator

Offshore Renewable Energy Site Suitability Mapping (ORESSuM) - Geological Survey of Ireland - Jan 2010 – Jan 2011, Coordinator

Irish Sea Marine Assessment (ISMA) – Gaelectric Developments Ltd., €91k, 2010-2015, Coordinator

Irish Sea Offshore Windfarm Study (ISWind) – Gaelectric Developments Ltd. - 2008-2010, Coordinator

Future Wind Partnership Ltd., “Literature and Data Review for the Arklow Bank within the Context of Offshore Wind-energy Generation” – 1999 Coordinator

“Reconnaissance Assessment of Coastal Seabed Sand and Gravel Resources in the Form of Seabed Mapping and Quantification” - Irish Marine Research Measures 1997/8 to (project lead in joint project with Geological Survey of Ireland & Irish Hydrodata, – 1998 Coordinator

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