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Dr Audrey Recouvreur


Audrey completed her PhD in marine sedimentology at University of Bordeaux in EPOC lab with research on the morphology, architecture and establishment of a deep canyon supplied carbonate environment in northern Bahamas after participating in the CARAMBAR II cruise.

Her research focuses on the architecture of deep systems and the association with their geomorphology to reconstruct sedimentary evolution and sediment transfers occurring from shallow to abyssal domains. These themes are developed within her work through the study of Bahamian sites that can be divide in two main environments: Carbonate slopes (Little Bahama Bank, Exuma Valley) and their associated abyssal plains (Blake Bahama Abyssal Plain, San Salvador Abyssal Plain).

Her work focuses also on the impact of large-scale structures such as canyons on the sediment transfer and sedimentation and on the link of sedimentary features such as knickpoints, contouritic deposits and carbonate mounds with hydrodynamic conditions.

Audrey worked on the BeTar_Drill project researching bedrock suitability mapping to identify and sample rock types outcropping on the Irish continental margin towards the development of a geological map and stratigraphic model for Ireland’s deep-water territories.

She is currently working on the TRIDENT project to help define an environmental baseline for Tropic Seamount against which real-time monitoring technologies can be demonstrated.

Research Interests

Geomorphology; sedimentology; carbonate environments; canyons; seismic architecture



Recouvreur, A., Wheeler, A.J., Strachen, R., Meere, P.A., Unitt, R.P. & Lim, A. (2024). Large scale bedrock outcrop mapping on the NE Atlantic continental margin. Frontiers in Marine Science-Ocean Observation, 10, 2023. 


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Dr Audrey Recouvreur

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Marine Geosciences Research Group

University College Cork

School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences, North Mall Campus, University College Cork, North Mall, Cork City, T23 TK30