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Upcoming JCOERE Events at INSOL Europe Annual Congress

19 Sep 2019
The Wonderful Nyhavn by Nick Karvounis

The JCOERE project team has been exceptionally busy over the last several months, preparing for what is going to be an event packed week in Copenhagen.

The project consortium is making its way to Copenhagen on September 23rd for the INSOL Europe Annual Congress, The INSOL Academic Forum and the YANIL Conference. INSOL Europe is a project partner and part of the project deliverables include interactive workshops with the Academic Forum, the Judicial Wing and the Turnaround Wing of INSOL in addition to holding additional events focussing on European Judicial networks.

At the beginning of the week the YANIL (Young Academic Network of Insolvency Lawyers) Conference will take place, on September 24th. Aoife Finnerty, the research assistant on the UCC JCOERE team, will be participating in the session on Preventive Restructuring. Aoife will be delivering a presentation titled “Preventive Restructuring – Is Ireland a leader in the EU?” – what is promised to be a thought-provoking presentation, especially given the new provisions in the Preventive Restructuring Directive 2019/1023 (PRD), which was officially published in June 2019. This session begins at 9:30am.

The Academic Forum begins the follow day, on September 25th.  The JCOERE Project will hold its 3rd project meeting on September 25th which will include attendees from all of the Project partners. This meeting will end with a reception to thank contributors from a range of member states to the first JCOERE Report (‘JCOERE 1’) on the EU Directive and its implementation in the EU.

JCOERE team members Dr Jennifer LL Gant and Professor Irene Lynch Fannon will present at the second day of the Academic Forum, during the session on Administering the Restructuring Process, to be held at 13:30pm. This presentation gives an in depth view of the project and its core research questions in light of recent developments in restructuring and rescue law.  Continuing the theme of the JCOERE presentation at YANIL, there will be a focus on the Irish Examinership procedure. The Irish experience of this procedure, (which was modelled on Chapter 11 and which mirrors the terms of the PRD 2019/1023) provides an interesting perspective on current debates surrounding implementation of the PRD in the EU and Ireland's experience with preventive restructuring as a leader in this field.

The project events continue during the Annual Congress, held on the 26th and 27th. Project team members from UCC (Professor Irene Lynch Fannon and Dr Jennifer LL Gant) and UNIFI (Professor Andrea Zorzi and Dr Iacopo Donati) will hold an interactive session during the Judicial Wing, with additional support from Judge Michael Quinn (as a member of the JCOERE Advisory Board and interim Chair of the Judicial Wing) and Judge Nicoleta Mirela Nastasie (as a UTM project member). This is a key event in terms of the progression of the Project as funded by EU DG Justice as it offers an important opportunity to gain perspective and viewpoints from members of the judiciary directly.

On Friday the 27th, project team will also be engaging with insolvency practitioners during the Turnaround Wing of the Annual Congress in a similarly styled interactive session. Again, as with the engagement with the Academic Forum and the Judicial Wing, this engagement with practitioners is part of the project goals as described to the EU Commission.

We would like to thank our partner INSOL Europe for facilitating our engagement during their annual conference and giving us various timeslots and opportunities.

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