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JCOERE Present at SLS Virtual Conference 2020

3 Sep 2020
The University of Exeter hosted the SLS Conference this year.

JCOERE project team at UCC presented at the 111th Annual SLS conference, which took place on September 1st- 4th and was virtually hosted by the University of Exeter. 

The JCOERE project had the opportunity to present at the highly regarded Society of Legal Scholars Annual Conference last week, through a panel held on September 2nd. This year, the conference had presentations from 28 different areas of law which were offered in parallel sessions, where each presentation was available to view virtually. This also provided the opportunity for researchers and academics from all over the world to engage with one another and part take in an exchange of information, all in a virtual manner.

The JCOERE panel was entitled “‘So It’s Just Random Then?’ Challenges to Judicial Co-Operation in the European Union.” The panel involved a presentation from each member of the UCC team; Principal Investigator Professor Irene Lynch Fannon, Post-Doctoral Researcher Jennifer LL Gant and Research Assistant Aoife Finnerty. The three presentations focused on the current stage of the JCOERE project research, revolving around the influences that can impact the effectiveness of judicial cooperation in cross-border restructuring, preventive or otherwise. 

The first presentation, given by Professor Lynch Fannon, entitled “Setting the Scene – Considering European Judicial Co-Operation – A Case Study from Business Failure”, set the scene within which the JCOERE Project operates considering European judicial co-operation.

The second presentation was given by Dr Jennifer LL Gant was entitled “Legal Culture: Influencing Mutual Trust and Co-Operation between EU Member State Courts”. This provided an exposition on the legal cultural aspects that influence mutual trust, a key component underpinning the effectiveness of court-to-court cooperation, and the EU’s policy initiatives supporting mutual trust within the EU integration project.

The third presentation from Aoife Finnerty was entitled “So It’s All Just Random Then? How Unfamiliarity Breeds Contempt Amongst Members of the EU Judiciary”. This provided an insight in our findings on the reality of judicial cooperation within the EU in the context of cross-border insolvency and the real implications it may have for cooperation in the context of preventive restructuring.

The JCOERE teams wishes to thank the SLS staff for organising such an interesting and informative conference. It provided a wonderful opportunity to disseminate the JCOERE project research and to engage further with other academics and researchers.

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