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IT Equipment

IT Services are only recommending the purchase of laptops or Chromebooks. Both can be used in the office, connected to a docking station monitor, keyboard &mouse acting just like a desktop. They can also then be taken home to be used for remote working. Desktop computers remove that flexibility, and to buy both, in most cases, would not be an efficient use of resources.

Microsoft Windows Laptops

The current standard laptop model that we stock is the lightest and fastest we have ever provided and should meet the needs of most staff in UCC. Dell are UCC's preferred supplier. Specifications below.

  • Intel i5 Processor,
  • 512 GB Solid state drive,
  • 16 GB RAM memory
  • 5-year Pro Support next business day
  • 14” Screen
  • Laptop Bag

Please visit and choose option 7 or contact your local IT administrator to arrange the purchase of all standard IT equipment.



If you want to purchase a cheaper type of laptop, as a secondary device only, with simpler functionality we recommend Chromebooks. We do recommend for all staff to use a Windows Laptop where possible as their primary device, as Chromebooks do have certain limitations. see option 7 for details on where to buy from.

Desktop Computers

When it comes to desktop computers, we are not recommending the purchase of new desktop and that staff buy laptops with docking stations and monitors and keyboards so that the laptop can operate as a desktop, but that staff can remain mobile.  

Purchasing of computer equipment

The IT Services Department provides advice to UCC Departments, Staff, and Students on the purchase of computer hardware. In association with the Procurement Office, UCC has preferred supplers for the acquisition of computer equipment. 

Windows PC's and Laptops

Dell are the preferred supplier for Windows PCs and Laptops via an office of government procurement framework.

Please visit and select form number 7 (Computer equipment Purchase) for more details. 

Apple devices

    • Select (Formerly CompuB) for the supply of iMacs, MacBooks and iPads.
    • Please contact CompuB to request a quote for your Apple device. Once you have received the quote, you can order directly from Compub through Agresso.


Replacement PC - File Transfer

Please be sure to have backed up your data to Onedrive before you move over to your new device. 

Further Information


Minimum Specifications for Departmental PCs

The following is the minimum recommended specification for Departmental machines which require connectivity to the campus network.

  • Intel Core i5 processor
  • 16 gb ram
  • 256 SSD hard disk
  • 24" flatpanel widescreen monitor
  • Windows 10 Enterprise
  • 5 year NBD (Next Business Day) on-site warranty.

All departmental PCs are entitled to a basic suite of programs including Virus protection and Microsoft Office under campus licensing arrangements. 

Minimum Specifications for Departmental Notebooks (Laptops)

The following is the minimum recommended specification for Departmental Notebooks (Laptops)  which require connectivity to the campus wired network.

  • Intel Core i5 processor
  • 8 gb ram
  • 256 SSD hard disk
  • Network card
  • 14 inch UHD screen
  • Windows 10 Enterprise
  • 5 year NBD (Next Business Day) on-site warranty.

Purchasing Apple Computers

To order an Apple device, please contact Select (formerly Compub) for a quote. 

After you order your Apple desktop or notebook, we recommend you contact the IT Services Helpdesk ( ext. 2120) to arrange for the configuration of the device for the the UCC wired network. For iPads you will be able to connect through the eduroam wireless service with your email address and password.

Please consider the following when purchasing an Apple Device:

When Ordering

If you choose a non-standard specification by increasing the RAM or the size of the internal drive, you are then choosing what is know as a B.T.O. (Built To Order). This can delay the arrival of the device by up to 10 working days.

Keep an eye out for the arrival of new models usually between June and October. When a new product line comes in there can be added delays as Apple will have to get the new product out to suppliers and this can cause long delays.  


When purchasing any Apple products we recommend also purchasing Compub's 5 year warranty called CompuB Care plus. If any of the hardware fails on an Apple product it is usually quite expensive to repair. It is important to spend a little extra to ensure the longevity of your laptop or desktop.

There is also a special warranty available for iPads/iPhones called AppleCare Plus which covers breakage, dropping etc. which lasts for 2 years but could save you having to replace the device if the damage is too extensive. 


Device Purchasing

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