West Wing

Note: The seating capacities listed here are not indicative of COVID-19 related reduced capacities. With restrictions changing constantly, please refer to the UCC room timetable service for the most up-to-date seating capacity. 

Room Seating Capacity Data Proj Lectern PC Laptop HDMI PA Doc Cam Radio Mic Recording System
WW W3 20 TV ✓        Webcam
WW W4 20 TV       Webcam
WW W5 80 ✓        Webcam
WW W6 85    


WW W7 20 TV ✓        Webcam 
WW W8 20 TV ✓        Webcam 
WW W9 60   ✓    Webcam

IT Services Department

Seirbhísí TF

Room 3.34, 3rd floor, T12 YN60