Café Reports Series

GENOVATE Café Reports

In the spring and early summer of 2015, GENOVATE convened a series of Cafés to open space for colleagues @UCC to learn about, and contribute to, the GENOVATE@UCC project. Following a brief introduction to the project, colleagues were invited to deliberate Café style the challenges to, and potential for, creating a more gender sensitive UCC. More information about the process is available here. The responses were collated into words clouds, see respective feedback report below.  

First GENOVATE Café (February 27, 2015) see Report 1.

Second GENOVATE Café (March, 2015) cancelled.

Third GENOVATE Café (April 14, 2015) see Report 3

Fourth GENOVATE Café (April 24, 2015) see Report 4.

Fifth GENOVATE Café (May 19, 2015) see Report 5

Sixth GENOVATE Café (May 26, 2015) see Report 6

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