Talks on Irish Writers and Italy at UCC

31 Jan 2019

All lectures are in the Creative Zone at UCC Library


A series of talks by Lauren Arrington, Alessandro Gentili and John McCourt will highlight the formative role of Italy in the imaginations of some of Ireland’s greatest writers. These talks accompany the UCC Library ‘Irish in Italy’ exhibition. This exhibition focuses not only on those famous Irish writers for whom Italy was a home or inspiration, like James Joyce and William Butler Yeats, but also on the publishers and translators who brought their work to Italian audiences. Displays include letters by Pavese, Joyce, Montale and Yeats, and there are also first editions of Irish books and periodicals published in Italy. The exhibition illustrates how Ireland became established in the minds of Italians as a literary entity. These talks have received generous support from the UCC School of English.

The first talk, at 3:30pm on Thursday 7 February, will be followed by a launch of the exhibition and a drinks reception. It will be attended by the President of UCC, Patrick O’Shea, and the Italian Ambassador to Ireland, His Excellency Mr Paolo Serpi.


Thursday 7 February, 3:30pm: Professor John McCourt (University of Macerata), ‘In Joyce’s Wake: Irish-Italian Literary Connections in the Early Twentieth Century’


Tuesday 18 February, [time TBC]: Alessandro Gentili, ‘Translating Joyce’s “The Dead”’

Monday 11 March, 6pm: Professor Lauren Arrington (University of Liverpool), Yeats and Rapallo [exact title TBC] (hosted by the School of English)

English Department

Roinn an Bhéarla

O'Rahilly Building, University College Cork, Cork. Ireland