Monograph Published by IRC Postdoctoral Fellow Dr Brandon C. Yen

20 Nov 2018

The Excursion and Wordsworth's Iconography is published by Liverpool University Press

In this book, Brandon Yen delves into a wide variety of visual images gathered from literary works and from pictorial sources – especially political cartoons – that had a wide currency in late Georgian England. This study contextualises these images and traces out their cultural patterns, bringing a series of visual etymologies to bear upon William Wordsworth’s use of iconography in his long poem The Excursion, as well as in his other major works, including The Prelude. Brandon analyses the complex ways in which Wordsworth’s apparently ‘collateral’ iconography contributes to the central themes of paradise lost and paradise regained in the post-revolutionary context – themes which still resonate with us today. This richly illustrated book celebrates and reinstates The Excursion as a crucial cultural text.

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