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Double Space Issue 3 Launch

21 Jun 2024

Congratulations to the student editors of Double Space, who have just launched the journal's third issue.

The journal is comprised of award-winning undergraduate work by Department of English students. This issue of the journal was designed and edited by twelve BA English students. The essays and creative work included in this issue have been granted recognitions such as UCC’s own English Undergraduate Awards and its official Global Undergraduate counterpart, as well as the Patricia Coughlan Award, the Louise Clancy Memorial Prize, and the Eoin Murray Memorial Prize. 


The students were mentored by Dr Heather Laird and Dr Miranda Corcoran. This year’s student editors also benefitted from invaluable guidance provided by Maria Butler.

The journal can be accessed here: 


English Department

Roinn an Bhéarla

O'Rahilly Building, University College Cork, Cork. Ireland