C21 Editions: Editing and Publishing in the Digital Age

C21 Editions is an international collaboration between University College Cork, the Digital Humanities Institute at the University of Sheffield, and the University of Glasgow. The project is seeking to explore and make a direct contribution to the future of digital scholarly editing and digital publishing.

Funded under the UK-Ireland Collaboration in the Digital Humanities, a joint initiative of the Irish Research Council (IRC) and the United Kingdom's Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC), C21 Editions received a total award value of €650,000, spread across the Irish and UK institutions. 

The project's grant numbers are IRC/W001489/1 and AH/W001489/1.

About the Project

C21 Editions operates as a response to Joris van Zundert, who calls on theorists and practitioners to "intensify the methodological discourse" necessary to "implement a form of hypertext that truly represents textual fluidity and text relations in a scholarly viable and computational tractable manner". He warns that, without that dialogue, "we relegate the raison d'etre for the digital scholarly edition to that of a mere medium shift, we limit its expressiveness to that of print text, and we fail to explore the computational potential for digital text representation, analysis and interaction". Engaging with various experts and stakeholders, the C21 Editions project is working to establish the methods and principles for the digital editions of the future, demonstrating what might be possible through a series of prototypes built on experimental new practices.

The Irish element of the project is led by Dr James O'Sullivan (Principal Investigator) and Dr Órla Murphy (Co-Investigator), both from the Department of Digital Humanities at UCC. Michael Pidd (Principal Investigator), Director of the Digital Humanities Institute at the University of Sheffield, and Prof. Bridgette Wessels (Co-Investigator), professor in sociology at the University of Glasgow, lead UK-based research activities.

The project runs for three years, 2021-2024.

Selected Outputs


C21 Editions Expert Workshop on The Future of Digital Editing & Publishing, hosted at the Advanced Research Centre, University of Glasgow, July 2022.

Conference, Seminar, & Workshop Contributions

Kurzmeier, Michael, "Making archived social media data accessible for research", School of Computer Science & Information Technology Seminar Series, University College Cork, Mar 2023.

Pidd, Michael, and James O'Sullivan, participated in AHRC-IRC Digital Humanities Workshop on Sustainability and Infrastructure, facilitated by the Arts & Humanities Research Council (AHRC) and Irish Research Council (IRC), Dec 2022.

Kurzmeier, Michael, and Murphy, Órla, participated in the "Shared Data Storage Service Pilot" series of workshops, part of IRLDAT, funded under the National Open Research Forum (NORF). The aim of this initiative is to develop a national shared data storage service for active data, starting with a pilot for diverse research groups, Dec 2022.

Kurzmeier, Michael, "Digital Scholarly Editions: Past, Present and Future", Digital Arts & Humanities Research Colloquium, University College Cork, Sept 2022.

Kurzmeier, Michael, "Archiving and Publishing Your Work". In Cork/San Francisco Peer In Programme, a transatlantic professional development initiative delivered by Sample-Studios, one of Ireland's largest artist groups, in partnership with San Francisco Artist Studios, Sept 2022.

Kurzmeier, Michael, James O’Sullivan, Órla Murphy, Michael Pidd, and Bridgette Wessels, “A Quantitative Analysis of Digital Scholarly Editions”, Digital Humanities Congress, Digital Humanities Institute, University of Sheffield, Sept 2022.

O’Sullivan, James, Michael Pidd, Órla Murphy, Bridgette Wessels, with Michael Kurzmeier, “Perspectives on the Future of Digital Editions & Publishing”, DH2022 Conference Abstracts, 535–36, University of Tokyo, July 2022.

Pidd, Michael, participated UK-Ireland Collaboration in the Digital Humanities, facilitated by the Arts & Humanities Research Council (AHRC) and Irish Research Council (IRC), Dec 2021.


Bibliography of writings relating to digital editing and publishing

Visualizing digital scholarly editions

Project Team

Dr James O’Sullivan (Principal Investigator, Ireland)
Department of Digital Humanities, University College Cork

Michael Pidd (Principal Investigator, UK)
Digital Humanities Institute, University of Sheffield

Dr Órla Murphy (Co-Investigator, Ireland)
Head of Digital Humanities, University College Cork

Prof. Bridgette Wessels (Co-Investigator, UK)
School of Social & Political Sciences, University of Glasgow

Dr Michael Kurzmeier (Postdoctoral Research Fellow)
Department of Digital Humanities, University College Cork

Dr Sophie Whittle (Postdoctoral Research Fellow)
Digital Humanities Institute, University of Sheffield

Advisory Board

Prof. Samantha J. Rayner
Professor of Publishing and Book Cultures, University College London

Prof. Andrew Prescott
Professor of Digital Humanities, University of Glasgow

dr hab. Bartłomiej Szleszyński, prof. IBL PAN
Institute of Literary Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences

Dr Alyssa Arbuckle
Associate Director, Electronic Textual Cultures Lab, University of Victoria

Shawn Day
Lecturer in Digital Humanities, University College Cork

Prof. Martin Paul Eve
Professor of Literature, Technology and Publishing, Birkbeck, University of London

Digital Arts & Humanities

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Room 2.22, O'Rahilly Building, University College Cork, Ireland