Digital Humanities student included in Muslims of UCC exhibition

6 Mar 2020
Yasmine Radwan, undergraduate in Digital Humanities & IT at UCC

Yasmine Radwan, an undergraduate studying Digital Humanities at UCC, has been included in a new exhibition, 'Muslims of UCC'.

For University College Cork’s Equality Week 2020, Dr. Amanullah De Sondy, Senior Lecturer in Contemporary Islam at UCC, has curated the exhibition ‘Muslims of UCC – Narratives of Equality 2020’ in an attempt to counter rising global hate in the form of Islamophobia. Yasmine Radwan, an undergraduate studying Digital Humanities at UCC, was given the wonderful opportunity to voice her experience of living as a Muslim in Ireland.

When prompted for her written narrative for the exhibition, Yasmine responded:

What has been your experience as a Muslim finding community and belonging in Ireland?

"I am a born and bred Corkonian. From playschool to university, I have never questioned my own place and belonging in the community, but rather the community has questioned my place. As a second-generation Muslim, I have been lucky that my surroundings have been diverse since I was young, and so the traditional values associated with belonging in Ireland, I hope, are evolving for the better. Even when I am still challenged with questions like "Where are you really from?" or about the legitimacy of my racial and/or cultural identity, I have always tried to stay strong in the fact that I am Irish. I just happen to be Muslim."

What would you like non-Muslims in Ireland to know about you or Islam?

"Even with the discrimination that Muslims receive in the media which has led to exceedingly damaging misinformation, I always welcome all questions you may have that come from a genuine place of open-minded curiosity about your neighbours. We are all the same. It is through celebrating our differences and acknowledging our similarities, that we can and will form stronger bonds together."

The Department of Digital Humanities at UCC recently participated in the annual Douglass Day transcribe-a-thon, with local contributions to the international event organised by Yasmine.


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