2020/21 Undergraduate Excellence Award recipients

14 Oct 2021
The recipients of the UCCDH Undergraduate Excellence Awards for 2019/20 are (as pictured) Daniella Traynor, Dan Clancy, Caitlin Quinn, Grace Irene Byers, and Athene S.J. Storey Cosgrave.

The recipients of the annual Department of Digital Humanities Undergraduate Excellence Awards for 2020/21 have been announced.

The recipients for 2020/21 are Caitlin Quinn, Dan Clancy, and Athene S.J. Storey Cosgrave, Daniella Traynor, and Grace Irene Byers.

Selected by faculty in the department, the awards recognise outstanding individuals who have achieved academic excellence and/or made a significant positive contribution to the department. Unfortunately, there will not be a in-person prize-giving event this year because of COVID-19 restrictions, but an online event recognising the students will be hosted later this month.

Caitlin Quinn is in her second year of her degree in Digital Humanities & Information Technology, where she is minoring in philosophy.

"I am truly honoured to be receiving this award. I entered this course with no experience with computing or knowledge about digital humanities, but I have enjoyed every single day so far."

Dan Clancy is a second-year UCCDH student whose minor is politics.

Athene S.J. Storey Cosgrave is in the third year of their degree, and is currently out on work placement.

"Being able to be a part of the digital humanities community has opened up so many connections and opportunities in my life that I never would have had access to had I not been so wonderfully welcomed by others in the degree, DH is about community and there is no better example of it than that which we have at UCC."

Daniella Traynor recently completed her BA in Digital Humanities & Information Technology and is currently assisting research within the School of English & Digital Humanities. Daniella also runs a web-design and development business based in Kildare.

Grace Irene Byers recently finished her undergraduate degree in Digital Humanities and Information Technology, and has begun her postgraduate studies in Intellectual Property and E-Law in UCC. She is interested in emerging technologies has started her career as a Junior Consultant with Avtrain.

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