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Dr Kellie Dean receives DAAD funding for a research stay at EMBL, Heidelberg

30 Jun 2022

Dr Kellie Dean was successful in obtaining funding from the Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD) – German Academic Exchange Service for a research stay at EMBL-Heidelberg to work in the Protein Expression and Purification Core Facility.

The research stay allowed Kellie to work for one month alongside, Julia Flock, a senior research technician, to express and purify tagged versions of an RNA-binding protein from an insect cell system. The research visit was supported by Dr Kim Remans, director of the facility. Once purified, Dr Dean was able to do initial biophysical characterization of the protein, such as mass photometry and circular dichroisim spectroscopy, with Dr Karine Lapouge in the Facility. Working together with Dr Beata (Faba) Neumann, the purified protein was used in assays that were done in the Advanced Light Microscopy Facility. While at EMBL, Dr Dean presented a seminar of her lab’s work titled, “Intrinsically disordered RNA-binding proteins in cellular phase transitions.” The seminar was hosted by the Toby Gibson group in the Structural and Computational Biology Research Unit at EMBL.

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