• “Creative Wanderings”

    23 May 2024
    “Creative Wanderings”

    To celebrate National Biodiversity Week, which runs from the 17th to the 26th May, the Office of Sustainability and Climate Action joined forces with the Glucksman Gallery and Cork City Council to run a special event called “Creative Wanderings” on Tuesday the 21st May 2024.

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  • UCC becomes first university in the world to secure five Green Flags

    18 Apr 2024
    UCC becomes first university in the world to secure five Green Flags

    Celebrating the awarding of UCC's fifth Green Flag are Mark Poland, UCC Director of Buildings and Estates, Deirdre O'Carroll, An Taisce Green-Campus Manager, UCC President Prof. John O'Halloran, Dearbhla Richardson, UCCSU Environmental & Sustainability Officer, and Dr Maria Kirrane Head of Sustainability and Climate Action.

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  • UCC Community Garden News

    29 Apr 2024
    UCC Community Garden News

    UCC Community Garden is now in full swing. Seedlings are being planted into warmer soil, birds (such as Goldfinch, Long-tailed Tit, Blue Tit and of course Robin, the gardener’s friend) are calling and singing. Peas, salad leaves and a plethora of herbs are amongst the greenery that’s ready to eat.

    Accompanying this vibrancy is increased use of outdoor spaces on campus. With better weather, now is the time to study outside, take lunch time walks along UCC’s biodiversity trail, and soak up the diversity of the campus’ no-mow areas.

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  • Ringing ravens on University College Cork's campus

    19 Apr 2024
    Ringing ravens on University College Cork's campus
    • Ravens nesting on UCC's campus become part of nationwide conservation project.

    High above the ground on University College Cork's campus is an active raven nest in a large monterey pine tree, and recently these striking birds became part of a nationwide conservation project.

    Ravens are the largest member of the crow family, which also includes rooks and jackdaws, and are the world’s largest songbird. They are intelligent and charismatic birds often appearing in popular culture and literature. Charles Dickens famously had a pet raven, they are believed to guard the Tower of London and they feature as pets in the Harry Potter series of books and films. Their ecology is closely linked with human activity, and they have adapted well to urban landscapes where they nest in very tall trees and buildings, exploiting local food sources including small mammals and insects. They also eat carrion, effectively fulfilling the same role in Ireland as vultures do in other countries.

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  • Green Campus GreenShoots Events

    11 Mar 2024
    Green Campus GreenShoots Events

    Lots of Green Shoots Events coming up in March including the opening of the Cavanagh Way BiodiversityTrail. Be sure to take the time out to enjoy some of these events.

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  • Where I get my nature fix this Spring?

    07 Mar 2024
    Where I get my nature fix this Spring?

    UCC is privileged to host a variety of green and blue spaces on its grounds. On main campus, we have numerous places where you can enjoy the benefits of time spent in nature. Some spots to note are:

    1. The Lower Grounds, which house the Glucksman Gallery
    2. UCC’s Wildflower Meadow, established in 2017
    3. The President’s Garden, which is manicured but hosts an interesting diversity of trees
    4. The Hawthorn Sensory Garden, adjacent to the O’Rahilly Building
    5. UCC Community Garden on College Road, behind No. 6 Carrigside
    6. The River Lee, which is bordered by walkways across main campus
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  • First University in the world to achieve a 5th Green Flag.

    26 Feb 2024
    First University in the world to achieve a 5th Green Flag.

    UCC's reassessment took place on 18th October 2023 by the following panel of experts from an Taisce:

    1. Deirdre O’Carroll, An Taisce, Green Campus Programme Manager.
    2. Joanne Scott, An Taisce, Green Schools Programme Manager.
    3. Tracey Lydon, An Taisce, Safe Routes to School Programme Manager.

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  • 1 MSc project and 4 demonstration projects awarded funding in 2023 UCC's Living Lab Programme

    01 Dec 2023
    1 MSc project and 4 demonstration projects awarded funding in 2023 UCC's Living Lab Programme

    In support of the implementation of UCC’s new Sustainability and Climate Action Plan (2023-28), the UCC Green Campus Living Laboratory Fund was once again opened for applications in July 2023. This is the third round of Funding for this programme since 2017. Previous successful projects have included UCC Open Arboretum and Nature and Wellbeing study. The call was announced in July 2023 with projects assessed and notified October 23. 4 demonstration Projects and 1 MSc. Read on for more information. 


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Greenshoots Changemakers training

Greenshoots Changemakers training took place on the 13th of Feb.

Greenshoots Changemakers is a student-led programme which empowers participants to take tangible actions in their communities to foster a culture of nature connection, and combat environmental crises, through an intersectional lens. Those registered for the Greenshoots Changemakers programme will be supported by the Greenshoots team to realise their ambitions for a better world and gain an Employagility Award in the process.

During the training session, participants had the opportunity to learn from Greenshoots Interns about connecting with nature and growing food on campus, intersectional environmentalism, and how effective communication can be a driver for change; all while building their confidence and enjoying free pizza! Many thanks to UCC SU for their collaboration and support.

By participating in the training, attendees gained perspectives on the unique skill sets and knowledge of each of the interns, creating a support link for students to take tangible action relating to climate, nature connection, and biodiversity on campus, whether big or small.

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