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LX Annual Anglo-Catalan Society Conference - 5-7 September 2014

21 Aug 2014

LX Annual Anglo Catalan Society Conference - 5-7 September 2014

We encourage members and non-members of the Anglo-Catalan Society alike to come to the conference and take advantage of this excellent opportunity to hear papers on a range of themes, including literature, linguistics, film, architecture, urban studies, visual arts, history and politics, with a special focus on “Memory and the Cultures of Commemoration in the Catalan-speaking territories”. UCC has a long tradition in the teaching of Catalan and in recent years has been building up a variety of local, national and international collaborations and networks in relation to Catalan culture.

Registration for non-delegates

Admission to the conference sessions is free of charge for UCC staff, students and Cork locals. You are welcome to attend all of the events, but there are certain catering charges if you want to join us for lunch on Friday (20 euros), Saturday (35 euros, payable online) and Sunday.  For the evening events on Friday and Saturday there is a catering cost of 10 euros each.

Please contact Helena Buffery or Pedro Fernandez if you are planning to attend.

If you want to appear on the list of delegates, please follow the instructions below.

Registration for Delegates

The registration costs of the conference for delegates, including the 60th annual lunch on Saturday 6th September, will be 140 € for non-members of the Anglo-Catalan Society, 120 € for members and 90 € for students. There are also day rates of 50 € per day plus 35 € for the annual lunch. You can register online here.

Registration will take place from 10.15 to 11am on Friday 5th September and there will be a full conference programme on campus that day, followed by an evening reception. There will also be a full-day programme on Saturday, including the annual lunch and AGM, and a half-day on Sunday, finishing at around 2pm.

Key Events and Conference Program

The Keynote Speakers this year are Miquel Calçada on the 1714-2014 Tricentenary Commemorations in Catalonia, Queralt Solé on Democratic Memory, Joan Sellent on his translations of Irish writers into Catalan and Lluïsa Julià on the remarkable Catalan woman poet and cultural and political activist, Maria-Mercè Marçal.

Some of the events featured as part of the 60th anniversary programme are a Round-table on the Independence movement in Catalonia, a Poetry Night in honor of Valencian poet Vicent-Andrés Estellés, and a musical interlude with the Galway-based Majorcan duo "The Troubadour Mules".

You can find the conference programme ACS14Final.

About The Anglo-Catalan Society

The Anglo-Catalan Society (ACS) exists to promote awareness and appreciation of Catalan culture in Britain and Ireland and to encourage cultural relations with the Catalan-speaking communities. Membership is open to all persons who share the fundamental objectives of our Society. While the Society serves as a professional forum for those involved in teaching and research in Catalan studies, equal importance is attached to the role of bringing together Catalans from all over the Catalan-speaking territories and people with an interest in Catalan language, history, culture and society.


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