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Catalan Music Night with The Troubadour Mules

25 Aug 2014
Friday September 5th - 7.30pm - Cork City Library

present 'Cants d'un joglar'

Friday September 5th - 7.30pm - Cork City Library

Born and bred on a Mediterranean farm, fed with ROOTS music and spectacle of their homeland, they are modern inheritors of the RHYTHM and FOOLERY of their ancestors, well mixed with hot and exotic spices from new lands.
The Mules, Felip Carbonell and Miquel Barceló, are a hybrid off-sping duo long time emigrated from their sunny Mallorca. Destination: rainy Ireland.
They do not require more than a GUITAR, a DIATONIC ACCORDION and a SCREAMING VOICE to transmit their universal spirit of celebration.
Voice, Body and Rhythm' come together with the raw poetry of the common people and the energy of “Public-square Jesters”.

“Cants d'un joglar” is the chant of a 21st century minstrel blending modernity and tradition. An irreverent musical journey of the Catalan oral tradition through the Mediterranean Basin reaching as far as the Caribbean. La revolta de la festa popular!

Department of Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies

First Floor - Block B East O'Rahilly Building University College Cork Ireland