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The role of Student Reviewer at UCC

Within the Irish university sector, the participation of students as full Panel Members on Quality Peer Review Panels is unique to UCC. The role of Student Reviewer was first introduced within the internal quality review process of UCC in 2014 and to this day, provides a vital contribution to realising UCC’s mission of delivering “a student-centred, inclusive and digitally enhanced learning environment, a Connected Curriculum and an outstanding student experience, to prepare UCC  graduates to make a positive impact.” (UCC Strategic Plan 2023 - 2028, Goal 2: Student Success).

The student voice and perspective are crucial to the ongoing quality enhancement of UCC professional practices in education, research and support activities and services. To find out more, click here; The role of Student Reviewer at UCC

Student Testimonials


The best part about my role at UCC is that I could also contribute to giving recommendations for improvement.

Khushal Paryani

Cork University Business School

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I really felt respected by everyone in my function as a Student Reviewer. It was a very positive experience from start to finish.

Leannán O'Grady

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It really made me feel like I built up my confidence in public speaking and as a member of a professional team

Paula Leocadio

Cork University Business School

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I definitely developed public speaking skills, communication and leadership skills. I think those would all carry over to other aspects of life.

James Hennessy

School of Chemistry

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The skills I have developed through this experience will definitely stand to me.

Caitlin Madden

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From start to finish the experience was fantastic and it is something that I would have never got the opportunity to do before.

Eleanor McCahill

School of Society, Politics and Ethics

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I did not expect to be as involved in the process, as equal as the other Panel members.

Taragh O’Sullivan

School of Applied Social Studies

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As a student among senior experts, I did not expect to be taken as seriously (..). Instead, I felt very valued in the process (..). I got more of an influential seat at the table and I was very happy.

David Giles

School of Law

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It works really well to have someone vocalise students’ concerns ... discussions tend to get very technical, on funding, staff and other issues, but students are the central part of the University.

Samin Abrar

School of Medicine

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Learning about the governance of the University, I wouldn’t have got it from my undergraduate degree. It was very enjoyable working with people from different disciplines and different walks of life.

Barry Sheerin

School of Chemistry

I would highly recommend this opportunity for any interested students who are looking to make a positive change in the lives of students and quality of education.

Andrew Brosnan

Cork University Business School

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I found my time as a student reviewer to be highly engaging. Being part of such a top-level project offers an interesting insight into the inner mechanisms of the University.

Luke Watson

School of History

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Being given the opportunity to take part in a Quality Enhancement review as a Student Reviewer has developed and enhanced my skills and abilities that will also help and improve my postgraduate career

Orla Redmond

Student of Geography & Sociology

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(...) part of the learning experience is to engage and become more comfortable interacting with others be it in the confines of the panel room or addressing the whole of the staff in the department.

Beatrice McCarthy

School of Society, Politics and Ethics

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Not only did I feel I could contribute, but I also thought it was important I contribute (...)it was important to me that there be a strong student voice in the panel.

Art Kelleher

School of Medicine

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The student voice was a valued one on the panel (...) I found that review was a worthwhile experience as a student.

Aaron Frahill

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By proactively sharing our insights (...) we are contributing to Quality Enhancement at UCC, a better student experience for us all & better opportunities for our future & more sustainable societies.

Kate Moriarty, Student Reviewer & UCC Graduate

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What is a Student Reviewer expected to do?

  • Critically evaluate a unit’s Self-Evaluation Report and discuss key arising issues with fellow Peer Reviewers 
  • Exercise leadership to effecting positive outcomes for students and appraise fellow panel members on student (and other) issues  
  • Actively participate in the site visit as a Peer Review Panel member 
  • Contribute to the final Quality Enhancement Report by the Panel   
  • Critically reflect on the experience and provide constructive feedback to the Quality Enhancement Unit 

What is a Quality Review?

 A quality review is a cyclical process that aims to assess the overall quality of a unit under review (e.g. a School, Department, Professional Services Unit and so on) through distinct review phases;    

Self-Evaluation Report Peer Review Panel Site Visit + Report Quality Enhancement Plan Follow-up Meeting
The unit under review engages in a thorough self-evaluate process to assess its own strategic alignment with the University, its structures and practices at every level. The output from this stage is a Self-Evaluation Report (SER) for the Peer Review Panel to read.

The Peer Review Panel, having reviewed the unit’s SER, pay visits to the unit under review and engages in peer dialogue and further discovery of the Unit so that it can support its quality enhancement efforts.

Following its site visit, the Peer Review Panel produces a Report containing key commendations of existing good practices within the reviewed unit and recommendations for further improvement, in line with inter/national good practices, current policy expectations and quality standards.

The unit under review prepares a detailed plan to implement the Panel’s recommendations and shares it with the university community, so pursuing the ongoing enhancement of its professional practices and services. This meeting is held to document and further support the occurring progress with the implementation of the plan by the unit under review.

Quality Enhancement Unit

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