The Review Signpost 5

9 Feb 2023

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Quality Enhancement Unit

The Review Signpost 5

Catch all the latest Institutional Review (IR) updates directly from the Quality Enhancement Unit's (QEU).

UCC's National Institutional Review (CINNTE)

The UCC CINNTE Site Visit will take place 6th - 10th March 2023

Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI) have published the names of the UCC Institutional Review Team. If you would like to view the Review Team list, along with their profiles, you can visit the QEU Website via the Reviews Library by clicking on this link.


Road to Institutional Review


ISER – Institutional Self-Evaluation Report

IP – Institutional Profile

QQI – Quality and Qualifications Ireland

Pre-Site Visit

October 2022

Case Study Symposium.

IR Roundtables - Consultation with UCC staff and students.

December 2022

IP finalised and submitted to QQI

ISER submitted to QQI (We are here).

February 2022

Planning Site Visit

IR Briefing Sessions

Site Visit

March 2023

Main review Site Visit by external Review Team

Post-Site Visit

April 2023 onwards

Review Report submitted to UCC by Review Panel.

Implementation Plan submitted to QQI by UCC.

For a more detailed timeline of the Road to Institutional Review, visit the QEU webpage.


Planning Site Visit

As part of the preparations, a planning Site Visit will take place remotely with members of the Review Team, QQI and UCC representatives. A series of briefing sessions on the key points raised in the ISER are being developed for those engaging in the Site Visit.


Stage 2 - IR External Review

Be sure to catch our video on External Review as part our 'Institutional Review and You' video series which can be found on our QEU webpage.

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