The Review Signpost 2

27 Oct 2022

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Quality Enhancement Unit

The Review Signpost 2

Catch all the latest Institutional Review (IR) updates directly from the Quality Enhancement Unit's (QEU) Office.


Case Study Symposium

UCC is undergoing a National Institutional Quality Review (CINNTE) in March 2023. In preparation of this review, the University is required to submit an Institutional Self-Evaluation Report (ISER), an Institutional Profile (IP) and a Case Study of Good Practice portfolio. We hosted a case study of good practice symposium on Thursday, 20 October 2022 in the Glucksman Gallery, where all the Case Studies of Good Practice submitted by staff and students were showcased.

The Case Studies of Good Practice will be posted on the QEU webpage within the coming weeks!

The presented case studies will be included in the Case Study of Good Practice's digital portfolio that will accompany the ISER and IP. Check out the QEU webpage at for the latest news and feeds around the symposium.


Road to Institutional Review


ISER – Institutional Self-Evaluation Report

IP – Institutional Profile

QQI – Quality and Qualifications Ireland

Pre-Site Visit

October 2022

Case Study Symposium (We are here).

IR Roundtables - Consultation with UCC staff and students (We are here).

December 2022

ISER and IP finalised and submitted to QQI.

Site Visit

March 2023

Main review Site Visit by external review group / panel.

Post-Site Visit

April 2023 onwards

Review Report submitted to UCC by Review Panel.

Implementation Plan submitted to QQI by UCC.

For a more detailed timeline of the Road to Institutional Review, visit the QEU webpage.


Institutional Review Roundtables

As part of the National Institutional Quality Review (CINNTE), we held several consultation (roundtable) sessions with various staff and students in UCC. This was to gain input on specific core themes set out in the Institutional Self-Evaluation Report (ISER). The themes include:

  • Student Experience
  • Learning & Teaching
  • Research


Stage 1 – IR Self-Evaluation

Be sure to catch our Institutional Review Self-Evaluation video in the 'Institutional Review and You' video series on our QEU webpage to learn more about Stage 1 – The ISER and IP.

Quality Enhancement Unit

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