Strategic Enablers

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Strategic Enablers

The success of this strategic plan will be dependent on a number of enablers working and interacting across goals, approaches and actions. Some of the enablers are referenced in the goals to ensure accountability and indicate measures of success while others span across the entire strategy.

People, Wellbeing and EDI

  1. Embed a culture of equality, diversity, inclusion and belonging into the organisation, embracing our differences as a key institutional strength.
  2. Enhance excellence and impact by integrating equality, diversity, inclusion and belonging into the design, execution and monitoring of university activities.
  3. Adopt the Healthy Campus Charter and implement the Student Success Strategy to deliver student success and to enhance the staff experience.
  4. Foster staff wellbeing to support employees and create a positive work environment.

Effective Communications

  1.  Develop and implement an improved approach to internal and external communications.


  1. Conduct a comprehensive market assessment and benchmarking of all fees and charges to ensure alignment with our peers.
  2. Consider alternative financing models.
  3. Support the implementation of the recommendations from the 2022 review of UCC’s subsidiaries.
  4. Support the implementation of the actions arising from the review of UCC’s professional services.

Philanthropy and Stakeholder Engagement

  1. Deliver a fundraising campaign for agreed priorities in collaboration with Cork University Foundation.
  2. Introduce a programme of engagement for all stakeholders (alumni, parents, students, staff, honorary graduates and donors) in the life and philanthropic health of the University in collaboration with volunteer boards.

Operational Excellence

  1. Invest in operational excellence to simplify and connect our processes, systems and services. Embed continuous improvement, change management and data governance methodologies across all areas of UCC. Deliver a comprehensive training and support programme for staff to support these actions.

Strategic Partnerships

  1. Develop a select number of strategic local and international partnerships that support our goals, based on data-driven decisions and systematically gathered information. These will include partnerships with academic and research institutions, the business and wider community, and policy makers nationally and internationally.
  2. Focus on partnerships that bring tangible benefits to our research, teaching and learning, and to our students and staff.

Digital Capabilities and Quality Data

  1. Deliver a Data Plan enabling a culture where data is valued and used as an asset to generate strategic value and insights to identify opportunities and to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of decision-making.
  2. Build governance tools and platforms to drive greater strategic value from data.


  1. Implement new legislation and codes of governance relevant to the sector and update our governance and policy frameworks accordingly.
  2. Implement the new student governance structures
  3. Develop legal and information-compliance processes that are effective and lean.
  4. Implement an Enterprise Risk Management helpdesk and system to provide agile, solution-focused support to the university community.

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