Strategic Planning

The function is headed by the Director of Strategic Planning and Institutional Research.

In summary, the purpose of the Strategic Planning & Institutional Research function is to collect, synthesise and analyse institutional data to support university decision-making and to assess the progress of the university in achieving the targets of its strategic plan. It is also responsible for providing a diverse and comprehensive data and information set to respond to external demands and to inform institutional planning.

Data and Institutional Research

Key tasks of the Data and Institutional Research Officer include:

  • Leading the development and implementation of the emerging Data Strategy of the university.
  • Establishing improved formal and centrally coordinated data governance processes and seeking continuous improvement and promotion of good data practice across the institution.
  • Acting as Data Officer for UCC including chairing key meetings on data governance and data management for the university.
  • Leading and managing the compilation, analysis and timely submission of data and data-related reports for external stakeholders
  • Leading improvement in the performance of the university in key world ranking processes.
  • Developing and maintaining on-going performance indicator (KPI) and external benchmarking analysis to support and inform the university's strategic objectives.
  • Actively anticipating wider sectoral and public data initiatives and ensure the ongoing alignment at UCC with such initiatives.

Strategic Planning and Institutional Research

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