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UCC Data Hub

UCC IT Services - Data Analytics and Business Intelligence (BI)

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UCC Data Glossary

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About UCC Data Hub

UCC Data Hub enables users access Strategic Enterprise Reports, the Data glossary, the Fact Book of Student Summary Data and Support for Business Intelligence Reporting, to inform Strategic Decision Making.

UCC Data Hub Overview

  • 300+ users
  • 2700+ Interactions
  • 3 Business Intelligence Platforms:-
    •  MicroStrategy
    •  PowerBI
    •  SSRS Reporting
  • Providing data on the following topics:-
    • Recruitment           
    • Athena Swan
    • Human Resources (HR)
    • UMTO Strategic Reporting
    • Intake & Retention
    • Student Health - Covid-19
    • Mature / Adult Continuing in Education (ACE) Students
    • Full Economic Costing (FEC)
    • International Students
    • CAO Analysis
    • HSA Statutory Returns
    • Staff Planning
    • Dissability Support
    • QQI / FETEC Progression

UCC Data Hub

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