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Role of the Internal Audit Office

The role of the Internal Audit Office is to support the achievement of the University’s mission, functions and strategic objectives by providing independent and objective assurance to the University's Governing Body on the system of internal controls operating within the University.  This role is discharged by performing regular audit reviews of University activities and appraising internal controls, risk management, governance, value for money and financial matters. The Office aims to support colleagues and functional leadership within the University by means of assurance reports, recommendations, advice and risk assessments on matters pertaining to governance, control and compliance. 

If deemed appropriate by the UCC President / Chief Officer of the University, the remit of the Office may be extended to providing a consultancy service in relation to the development of internal control systems and the provision of advice on risk management, anti-fraud measures and related matters without compromising its role in providing independent and objective assurance on such systems. The Head of Internal Audit is required to give an annual opinion to the Audit Committee on the adequacy and effectiveness of the entire system of internal controls within the University and the extent to which the Governing Body can place reliance on these internal controls. To provide this assurance, the Internal Audit Office undertakes a programme of work, informed by an Annual Plan over a multi-year cycle, as approved by the UCC Audit Committee.

Internal Audit Charter 


The Internal Audit Charter is a formal document that defines the Internal Audit Office activity's purpose, authority, and responsibility. The Internal Audit Charter establishes the Internal Audit Office activity's position within the University, including the nature of the chief audit executive’s functional reporting relationship with the Governing Body; authorises access to records, personnel, and physical properties relevant to the performance of engagements; and defines the scope of the Internal Audit Office activities.

Internal Audit Office

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4 Carrigside, University College Cork, College Road, Cork