Model (H) Volume 2

Volume 2 (H): Control of Risks - Typical Humanities Hazards

 NOTE: These to be read in conjunction with Section 19, Document No.3 and relevant Appendices


Humanities Departments and Office Administration only departments would/could feature a lot of similar risks/content sections (70% ).

Humanities or SE activities  may have other distinct risks such as : organising events or conferences on or off campus, organising field work, supervision of students, student placements, engagement of contractors to maintain equipment or sports grounds, event mangement, use of vehicles for work, organising deliveries by vehicles, use of noise generating equipment etc or occupy old premises). These should be added to the list below with an summation of the appropriate risk controls listed and the persons responsible operationally for managing said risks

Requirements for the Control of Hazards and Risks

note: all documents have individual rev #s ( most current in each case)

  Year Normal Work Hazards    Year Special Work Hazards 
 18.1 2007  Offices   18.12 2006 Fieldwork
 18.2  2006 Fire-and-other-emergencies-Jan-2022-(Offices-and-Non-Offices)  18.16  2006 Asbestos
 18.3  2006 Visual-Display-Screen-Equipment      
 18.4  2006  Manual-Handling      
 18.5 2006 Slips-Trips-and-Falls      
 18.6  2006 Violence-at-Work      
 18.7  2006 Machinery-and-Equipment-(Offices-and-Non-Offices)      
 18.8 2006 Movement-of-Vehicles       
 18.9 2006 Lecture-Theatres-Seminars-and-Meeting-Rooms      
 18.10  2006 Electrical-Safety      
 18.11 2007 Falls-from-Height      
 18.13 2006 Noise-at-Work       
 18.14  2006 Occupational-Stress      
 18.15  2006 Working-Alone      
 18.17  2006 Bullying-and-Intimidation-in-the-Workplace      

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