Blended Working Risk Assessments

For staff considering applying to take part in the UCC Blended Working Pilot, the assessments listed below would be relevant to support your application and full consideration by department management.

Up-to-date assessments must be available for each of the following (1) the display screen equipment workstations; (2) the physical space/rooms; and (3) the condition thereof, at all locations where the blended work is undertaken (eg. UCC office and Remote workroom).

VDSE and Assessment Checklist Feb 2022




  • In the case of blended work this will involve assessments of two (2) work locations including the assessment of two work rooms and two VDSE workstations.  Separate assessments will need to be undertaken to cover each of the above, e.g., at each location where blended work activities are to be undertaken (SHWW Act obligations and employer duty of care)
  • In addition to assessing the display screen equipment/computer workstations at both locations (2# VDSE), staff members and department management additionally need to undertake/have an up-to-date Office/General Workplace Safety assessment and Fire & Emergency assessment for both work locations (complete checklist as above for each location).
  • Consequential changes in emergency responder cover availability (fire marshal, first aid responder, chemical spill responder, etc) or revisions in pre-agreed cover arrangement with immediately adjacent schools/departments also need to be considered at the time of application. See Section 18.2 of Safety Statement Fire and emergency arrangements (arrangements and any revisions in cover should be documented in sub section 18.2).
  • To enable completion of the above staff should firstly complete or have completed both the initial UCC e-vdse training and e-fire safety training and keep current thereafter by completing each of the courses every 3 years (staff will receive an automated 3 yearly refresher cycle email reminder which is issued by UCCs e-OH&S learning provider). This training as provided by UCC, provides employees with the knowledge and training to set up a workstation correctly and is also then reflected in a comprehensive interactive VDSE checklist.

 - Health & Safety Office, March 2022

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