Online Training

All employees must complete the eLearning courses available. Employees will be made aware of these courses at induction/orientation. They are as follows:

  • Workstation Ergonomics VDSE (VDU) course
  • Fire Safety Course

Each staff member may complete these courses whilst seated at their own PC. Each course may be undertaken directly once the staff member completes a simple self-registration \ enrolment online.  This course must be undertaken every 3 years. Each employee will be notified via email to undertake the e-learning courses when 3 years is completed in UCC.

Please follow the below link to the instructions on the registration for eLearning courses.

Please follow the below link to instructions on registration for eLearning. The courses are externally hosted and all information/data is secure. When completing online courses, please ensure you are only logged into your account on one single web browser, to help avoid errors when completing the course.

Online Training Instructions

Online Training Advisory Note December 2021

Health & Safety Office

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